Lauryn Hill Hits Her Cousin With Major Lawsuit For Trying To Stick Her

Posted On : July 29, 2018

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The past few months have been a hectic for Lauryn Hill. Lately she was dragged from here to Timbukti by her fans, for suddenly canceling several tour performances. Soon afterwards, in an unrelated event, news surfaced that she had to take her own cousin to court over money. According to what was reported by Bossip, apparently Lauryn’s cuz’ has taken her kindness for weakness.

Lauryn Hill’s Suing Her Cousin For How Much?

It’s one thing to spot your relative a few bucks when they’re running late on their cell phone bill, or something of equal or lesser value. However, it’s a whole OTHER thing, when your relative needs a few thousand…as in $65thousand to be exact. That’s how much money Lauryn Hill reportedly loaned her cousin, Gerald Hill, and according to reports, she hasn’t gotten one red cent of it back yet:

[Lauryn] sued a down on his luck relative who she said conned her into giving him a $65,000 loan, and then made it clear that he had no intentions of paying the debt back, according to the suit, which was filed last month in New Jersey, and obtained by Bossip.

The Fugees member is suing Gerald Hill for breach of contract after she said she agreed to loan her cousin the money…with the condition that he wouldn’t have to pay interest on the loan if he paid her within three months. If Gerald Hill repaid the debt after the three month period, he’d have to pay 10 percent interest, Lauryn Hill said in court papers. Lauryn Hill said Gerald Hill OK’d their deal and even signed a contract that spelled everything out. […] Under the terms of their contract, if Gerald Hill defaulted, Lauryn Hill could force him to pay the entire amount, plus her lawyer’s fees and other costs if she had to sue to get the money back.

The lawsuit also stated that Lauryn is now convinced that her cousin hoodwinked and bamboozled her for the money, but never had any intentions on repaying his debt to her. It also states that she demanded the loan repayment from her cuz’ on several occasions, but to no avail. Thus, she had no choice, but to take Gerald Hill to court to force him to pay up.

It’s been alleged that Gerald needed the $65K at the time, to save his Maplewood, NJ home from foreclosure.

*Sigh* Another day, another un-welcomed problem for Lauryn Hill. Guess they won’t be having a happy Hill family reunion no time soon.

Lauryn Hill’s Other Problem

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As we mentioned earlier, this comes on the heels of the backlash the songstress/MC has been getting over her “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 20th Anniversary Tour” lately. Her fans were initially hella excited that after so many years on hiatus from the music game, Lauryn was finally returning with a tour and that beautiful voice. Unfortunately, throughout the past few months, Lauryn’s gained a rep’ for being astronomically late to the shows, for having sound quality issues during her concerts, and for last minute cancellations. The latter being the most recent issue fans sounded off about all over social media..and it was NOT pretty.

Lauryn Hill’s no stranger to adversity though. So hopefully she’ll get back on point with her tour and give fans what they deserve from her…as well as get her bread from her cousin soon.