LAWD! Here We Go Again… T.I. Hits Tiny With Countersuit For Divorce

Posted On : July 13, 2017
Tiny and T.I. Harris (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)

Although it looked like T.I. and Tiny were reunited and feelin’ so good, like that Peaches & Herb song, when they appeared at the Essence Festival in New Orleans last week, apparently, things aren’t as they seemed. According to The Jasmine Brand, T.I. has filed a countersuit less than 10 days after appearing on stage with his wife, while she performed with Xscape.

A Step Closer To Divorce:

It’s just been reported that T.I. – whose real name is Clifford Harris -just filed a response to Tiny’s initial filing from April (2017). The ATL rhyme spitter reportedly filed the countersuit in a Georgia Court on July 10. For those who missed that, Tiny – whose real name is Tameka [Cottle] Harris – filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. She also sought primary custody of their three children, child support, and alimony payments consistent with the lifestyle they’ve achieved together. Tiny also requested for T.I. to acquire all marital debt since he has the greater earning potential. In addition to the financial demands, Tiny is demanding that he provide documentation of all finances and investments and that their assets be split.

Now T.I. is reportedly making his divorce terms known. However, the breakdown of his terms have yet to be revealed.

T.I. and Tiny

Can’t Live Together Or Apart?:

The latest news about T.I.’s countersuit follows details about their split. An insider close to Tiny and T.I. claims they’re kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place because they can’t live with each other – or without. During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, the insider -who’s closest to Tiny- reportedly shared details about the strained dynamic T.I. and Tiny are faced with:

“When it comes to T.I. and Tiny, it’s a case of can’t live with each other, can’t live without each other,” the insider said. “They do truly love each other, but there is something really toxic about their relationship. They have this really bad dynamic, which results in them constantly trying to score points off each other, butting heads over the tiniest thing, and always trying to get one over on the other.”

The insider went on to explain why the couple’s split isn’t the typical celebrity breakup since they have so many years invested in their marriage.

“At this point, I think it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever be able to change the dynamic, and so they remain in this crazy relationship purgatory,” the insider continued. “Making up, breaking up, over and over. Neither of them is able to move on and start a life with someone else — they remain locked together for better or for worse. Right now the divorce is still on. Both of them know they can’t carry on like this, that their relationship is unhealthy, but at the same time they can’t imagine life without each other.”

Hopefully, T.I. and Tiny figure things out before they make a decision they may regret. Work it out Mr. and Mrs. Harris, we’re all rooting for y’all over here.