Lawd! Jackie Jackson’s Ex-Wife Allegedly Did WHAT To Him & Paula Abdul?

Posted On : February 25, 2015

jackie and paula blog pic
This alleged Jackie Jackson and Paula Abdul situation is a wild story and according to Jermaine Jackson’s former common-law wife of 7 years, it’s also a very true story.

Now we have nothing but love for Jackie and Paula Abdul, but word on the Old School curb is that our girl, Paula “Ms. American Idol” Abdul had an alleged rendezvous with Jackie Jackson back in the day and the you-know-what hit the fan big time one day in L.A. How did we find this info? One of our ILOSM staff was reading a book written by Jermaine’s ex, Margaret Maldonado, called “Jackson Family Values.” Now here’s what Margaret said went down…

According to Maldonado, Jackie’s wife, Enid caught…

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