Whoa..Jackie Jackson’s Ex-Wife Reportedly Did Major Damage To Him & Paula Abdul, But…

Posted On : February 25, 2015

This alleged Jackie Jackson and Paula Abdul situation is a wild story and according to Jermaine Jackson’s former common-law wife of 7 years, it’s also a very true story.

Now we have nothing but love for Jackie and Paula Abdul, but word on the Old School curb is that our girl, Paula “Straight Up Now Tell Me” Abdul had an alleged rendezvous with Jackie Jackson back in the day and the you-know-what hit the fan big time one evening in Los Angeles.  Jermaine’s ex, Margaret Maldonado, revealed exactly what went down in her tell-all book, “Jackson Family Values.” Scroll down for details…

Jackie Jackson and his ex-wife and mother of two of his children, Enid Jackson
Jackie Jackson and his ex-wife and mother of two of his children, Enid Jackson (via Pinterest)

According to Maldonado, Jackie’s wife, Enid caught him having an affair with Paula Abdul (at the time, a Laker Girl and would-be choreographer for Janet). Maldonado claims Jackie did little to keep it a secret during its long run. Well, in 1984, it came to a head when Jackie took Paula to a Drive-In theater in the LA area. Marlon’s wife, Carol, found out about it and told Enid and that’s when the heat got turned up.

She goes on to say, Enid drove to the theater and located Jackie and Paula and yanked ‘Ms. Straight Up’ out of the Range Rover by her hair and dragged her across the theater lot. Then Jackie tried to pull his wife away. He was still trying to help Paula when Enid got into her car and put it in reverse and ran into Jackie’s leg and broke it.

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The broken leg kept Jackie from performing on the first half of the massive “Victory Tour.” Three years later, he and Enid divorced. Shortly afterwards, Enid had Jackie arrested for violating the terms of the divorce, by showing up to their former house together to use his home studio. If all of this is accurate, I guess it’s safe to assume that Enid didn’t play…LOL. All we kept hearing back in the day was Jackie broke his leg and would have to miss the tour because of a “car accident.” Glad to see that eventually all was forgiven among them and our beloved Enid Jackson was a beautiful soul, may she rest well.

The teller of this incident, Margaret (pictured above), is no longer with Jackie’s brother, Jermaine, but she and Jermaine have two children together and based on her book, she seems to have several stories to share about her former ‘in-laws.’ Nowadays she has a successful business representing photographers and stylists in Hollywood.

From the looks of it, everything’s all good now between Paula and the Jackson fam.’ A peaceful, happy ending is always a beautiful thing.