Lawd! Kandi & Phaedra’s Other Ex-Friend Just Busted Her In Another Bold Face Lie

Posted On : May 8, 2017

Phaedra done did it again! As if getting straight busted on national TV about the bold faced lies she told about Xscape singer/RHOA’s Kandi and her husband, Todd, regarding her fake drugged/rape story and the lie that Todd goes by the alias, “Marvin,” to hook up with random chicks weren’t enough- Attorney Phaedra Parks is busted in another one.

(L-R) Kandi; Phaedra; Angela Stanton
(L-R) Kandi; Phaedra; Angela Stanton

This time Kandi and Phaedra’s former friend, Angela Stanton, blasted the hell outta her after Phaedra made claims about Angela as well on part four of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show on Sunday.

The Alternative Facts Phaedra Told About Lawsuit Against Ex-Friend

On the reunion show, Kandi mentioned how out of loyalty to Phaedra, she turned down Angela’s request to promote her tell-all book about Phaedra titled, Lies of Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil. Phaedra and Angela had gone through a lengthy legal battle over Angela’s book that claimed Phaedra was involved in several criminal scams, such as racketeering and forgery and had in turn, done her dirty.

Phaedra responded to Kandi by making the claim that she’d ‘sued Angela and won the case’ and that Angela cannot sell her book anywhere as a result. Welp, it’s a new day and here’s where the shocker comes in…

Kandi & Angela Crush Phaedra’s Alternative RHOA Facts About Tell All Book

As Kandi was holding a RHOA watch party Sunday night at her OLG restaurant in Atlanta (their food is the BOMB!) during the airing of that reunion episode, she took to Instagram to happily announce that Angela had surprisingly showed up to the party.

Kandi then showed love to Angela, handing her the mic. Angela then proved Phaedra was a liar once again, stating that not only is her book available online at, but that Phaedra DID NOT WIN a case against her. Instead, Phaedra DISMISSED THE CASE with prejudice, meaning that Phaedra cannot pursue any further legal action against Angela over her tell-all book. And to put that extra stank on it, the very next morning (Monday morning) Angela took to Instagram, outside of the courthouse, showing her paperwork with Phaedra’s name on it, proving that she did in fact ‘dismiss’ (not win) her lawsuit against Angela. Check out the video via TheShadeRoom (be sure to swipe left to view all of the footage):

Angel Stanton’s Lawyer Shuts Down Phaedra

And just so we know it’s real, Angela’s attorney, James Radford, gave the real facts to shut down Phaedra’s alternative RHOA facts as well. Check out his messages below:

Follow my lawyer @jamesradfordjr on Instagram & twitter #liesofarealhousewife #RHOA #Kandi #pheadraparks

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Part #2 Facts…. #liesofarealhousewife

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So as you can see family, Phaedra is out here lookin’ all kinds of foul right about now. By the way, as of Monday (5-8-17), Angela’s book is now the #1 best seller on Amazon. Won’t He do it?!!

Porsha’s Not Off The Hook Though

And another thing, Phaedra’s RHOA homegirl, Porsha- whom she used to start all this RHOA madness- ain’t off the hook either. Let’s not forget she got caught in her major lie about Kandi too, when she said they never kissed, nor that she never told Kandi she wanted to sex her up. But Kandi whipped out those text messages and put her to shame as well. Damn, Kandi is winning this season isn’t she?!! That new Xscape music is gonna benefit big time from all this hype…but I digress. Moving on…

RHOA Departure Playlist For Phaedra:

No matter how much I may respect all of the lovely, successful women on RHOA (including Phaedra), falsely accusing someone of plotting to drug and rape a person is just wrong on ALL levels. So now that Phaedra just got axed from the show as a result of her slander against Kandi, I’ve put together a playlist for her as she makes her RHOA departure…check it out below and let me know what song you would’ve added to the list…
TLC “What About Your Friends”

“What about your friends, will they stand their ground, will they let you down again?/ What about your friends, are they gonna be lowdown, will they ever be around, Or will they turn their backs on you?”

O’Jays “Backstabbers”

“(What they do) (They smile in your face) All the time they want to take your place, the back stabbers (back stabbers)/ (They smile in your face) All the time they want to take your place, the back stabbers (back stabbers)”

Whodini “Friends”

“Friends, how many of us have them?/ Friends, ones we can depend on/ Friends, ow many of us have them?/ Friends, before we go any further, lets be FRIENDS!”