Lawd! Tami Roman On Why She REGRETS Her FAKE BUTT,Her Reason Is PRICELESS

Posted On : August 18, 2016

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“Basketball Wives of L.A.” star, Tami Roman, has been living in a ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’ mode lately- she’s in love with her 29 year old man, Reggie, and she has been aging in reverse in the last couple years, making her 46 years look like the new 26. What we most love about Tami though, is how she’s just the everyday chick next door, who keeps it real and this time she kept it real about what she regrets about getting her new butt.

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Tami posted her newest ‘Bonnet Chronicles’ video (where she gives a quick thought for the day au naturel, rockin’ a hair bonnet and no makeup) to shockingly reveal that she had a plastic surgery butt enhancement done and that she’s tired of seeing so many other females walking around, acting like their junk in da’ trunk is real, LOL. Tami also admitted she got her new butt because she said her’s was “too flat” and she wanted her man to have “something to hold onto.” She’s having second thoughts about it now though and explained why in this hilarious, yet brutally honest video, Check it out below…

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Here is a profile view of Tami’s new butt…alright now Tami!
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And below is a pic of Tami with the man she did it all for, her boo-thang, Reggie…

Tami and her man Reggie
Tami and her man Reggie

Thoughts ILOSM fam?

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