Lawwd He’s Cuttin’ Up!!!

Posted On : September 4, 2014
5 Reasons Old Schoolers Clown Like This When We Walk Up In Happy Hour.

1. It’s the end of the day!
By the end of the day, there’s work, dinner and children, and things can become mundane, but happy hour provides that much needed break from a monotonous week. A few drinks after a stressful week is good for the soul. Research proves that everything from self-esteem to personal relationship to happiness in one’s career can benefit from switching up your day-to-day from time to time.

2. Avoid rush hour
Why rush out the office to go home when you can afford the traffic and attend a local happy hour. Let’s refer to this time management. By attending a happy hour you won’t have to waste your time in car but could be relaxing with a scrumptious alcoholic beverage.

3. Drinks are cheap
Most happy hours have special prices on drinks and therefore you can experience new drinks. Or you can get your favorite drink at a reduce price. I love seeing a mixology concoct a drink and creativity that’s involved. They are basically beverage chefs because they know what flavors should be mixed together.

4. It’s all the food
Where can you get a steak dinner for cheap? Happy hour can definitely consist of a full meal. Lots of places offer food at their happy hour to entice customers to visit, especially when the market is saturated with happy hours. Food and drink in stop can definitely save money on the aforementioned. This economy is no joke.

5. Meeting new people
Whether you are getting to know your co-workers or trying meet someone romantically happy hours are great places. It’s not as congested as a club and it’s not as stuffy as the office. You can definitely get to know someone at a happy hour. Plus its a good way to access someone in a social setting.