Posted On : August 5, 2014

LAWWWWD HA MERCY!!! Arnez J is too funny! We all know someone like this! What do you think about sugar daddies who date women who are at least 15 years younger than them? Why are sugar daddies, sugar daddies? Is it the “trophy wife” syndrome, a sexual thing, or simply a personality attraction?

It ain’t tricking if you got it. Sugar daddies have long been defined as older men who date younger women that provide monetary incentives. There are many reasons these men prefer this way of dating. It could be that they are more attractive to younger women or it could be a sexual thing or it could be a personality attraction; I think it all depends on the person. I have no problem with this situation as long as they are not hurting anyone and I would say to them …do you playa. What I have a problem with is the term given to women if they do the exact same thing. Why are the women referred to as cougars and its in the negative term. It so sexist and demeaning as though women can’t be attracted to younger men. Come on people it is 2014 and women have every right to date who they want as well as spend their money on who they want.

Only in the United States is the term sugar daddy coin, in other countries its the norm. There are many countries where older men marry younger women and girls. Would they be considered sugar daddies since they have assumed the responsibility of the women monetarily? There are even websites so women can find sugar daddies. There have been a wave of college students who can’t afford their tuition on this site looking for a man to help with their finances. These sites are becoming more and more popular with the state of the economy. So my question is, what is the difference between the sugar daddy and prostitution?