Leon Isaac Kennedy Made Major Career Changes Decades After Sex Tape Drama & “Penitentiary”

Posted On : June 1, 2021
Leon Isaac Kennedy

Most of us Old Schoolers remember actor/film producer/playwright, Leon Isaac Kennedy. How could we forget him, right? He was one of the most controversial, charismatic celebs of the 80’s era. His pretty boy boxer role as ‘Martel ‘Too Sweet’ Gordone” in Penitentiary 1, 2, and 3 made him a household name. While his “Leon ‘The Lover’ Johnson” role in Body and Soul made the fellas wanna be like him and the ladies wanna be with him.

Needless to say, the only apple of his eye back then was his then wife, Jayne Kennedy. However, after their infamous sex tape leaked (that’s right Kim Kardashian…bow down to those who paved the way for you), all hell broke lose…and so did their marriage.

Fast forward to today, and at 72 years young, the brotha is out here still making major moves with his many careers. Not only did Leon shock the hell outta everybody by transitioning from his on-screen ‘loverboy’ persona, to a real life evangelist, he is now a very successful entrepreneur, who’s latest ventures are garnering attention.

Peep How Else Leon Isaac Kennedy’s Earned Major $$

Kennedy Turned Smokey Robinson’s Business Into HUGE Success…

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As his press release states, one of Kennedy’s most recent entrepreneurial successes was creating a Brand Company for his longtime best friend- the iconic Smokey Robinson. Matter of fact, ‘the successful Smokey Robinson Foods was placed in over 3,500 stores. It was the first minority food company to be taken nationally by the billion-dollar food chains, Albertsons and Safeway. He not only came up with the idea & star, but raised the million plus dollars and most importantly, found the distributors for marketing the product.’

Leon has also helped brand and market Smokey’s and his wife, Frances Robinson’s, latest skin care line, Skinphonic.

But That Ain’t All…

His Podcast Was Poppin’

By 2019, Leon was spreading his entrepreneurial knowledge with the world, in his then-new podcast show, The Leon Isaac Kennedy Show, on the ‘Every Black Entrepreneur Podcast Network.’ On his show, he interviewed successful business people – who have built their own brands from the ground up – while enlightening his listeners on what it takes to become successful in the game. You can check out episodes of Kennedy’s podcast HERE and HERE.

It’s unclear if he’s still pushin’ forward with his podcast ventures today. Anywho, it’s always beautiful thing to see our favorite Old School legends still doing what they love after decades in the game.

By the way, in case you’re wondering [after all the controversy their prior marriage endured back in the day] Leon and Jayne Kennedy have moved on with their separate lives, and are still cool to this day. Jayne is happily married and Leon is also cool with her husband. All’s well, that ends well.