Lil’ Kim Suddenly Cleared After Doctor Accused Her Of Insurance Scam In Recent Lawsuit

Posted On : July 1, 2019

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Lil’ Kim may be sighing a sigh of relief right about now, after escaping a multi-thousand dollar lawsuit her reportedly urologist filed against her months ago.

What The Doc’ Reportedly Accused Lil Kim Of…
According to court documents, obtained by Bossip, a popular New Jersey urologist, Dr. Gregory Lovallo, filed a lawsuit against the “No Time” rap legend for several reasons. He apparently accused her of breaching their contract, by not paying a $15,000 medical bill for services he supposedly rendered to her. It was also reported that the doc’ claimed Lil’ Kim pulled off an insurance scam related to the alleged procedures earlier this year (2019). Here’s what else was reported at that time:

“Based upon information and belief, defendant improperly converted insurance proceeds to his/her own personal use,” Dr. Lovallo’s complaint, which was obtained by Bossip, states. “Based upon information and belief, defendant was unjustly enriched.” The doctor wants the $15,000, plus interest and his lawyer’s fees paid.

Now Doc’ Has Pulled The Plug On Lil Kim Lawsuit…
Apparently, Dr, Lovallo, either settled things with Lil Kim on the low, or he’s given up with trying to collect stacks from Lil Kim that he probably never would have received, given that she reportedly never responded to his legal claims. Whatever the reason, Lil’ Kim no longer has to worry about coughing up a few extra thousand, nor answering to allegations of insurance fraud:

Dr. Lovallo’s lawyer wrote the judge in the case to dismiss it. The doctor asked that the case be dismissed without prejudice, so he can’t sue Kim for it again.

Pretty sure this comes as a breathe of fresh air for Lil Kim, especially given the recent bankruptcy she’s had to face in 2018. However, just like the Old School saying goes, ‘Trouble don’t last always.’ So, hopefully the Queen Bee will be back on top soon.