Lil Mo On The Hunt For A Lesbian Relationship After Her Surprising Announcement About Husband

Posted On : May 27, 2019

Lil Mo [Instagram]
Lil Mo: “DM Me Ladies”
By the time Memorial Day (Monday, March 27, 2019) rolled around, Lil Mo took her single status a step further.

She re-shared a quote from a fellow Instagrammer, which read:

‘I am happy, hurting and healing at the same time. don’t ask me how i’m doing it because i don’t now, but i’m doing it and i’m so proud of myself.’

Then the songstress included a lengthy caption of her own, that let folks know that not only was she a woman of many moods and personality traits, but she could also SANG like nobody’s business…and oh yeah, she is now looking for a woman to spend some quality time with:

Lil Mo- “Anxiety. Depression. MOODY. Spoiled. Solid. Loyal. Introverted. Outgoing. Bossy. LITTY. Shy. LOUD. Take some off the top. EXTRA. And I’m beautiful. But i can sing my ass OFF and I’ll level it up by putting out this SavageHeart coming soon. Y’all gonna get all this PAIN. And ima get PAID and wife me up a pretty boss b*tch. These ni&&as for erbody.

DM me ladies. I got plans…. must know how to twerk and ready to travel…”

Lil Mo has never kept her attraction for women secret. In a past interview on The Breakfast Club, Lil Mo reportedly revealed that she and her hubby, Karl, sometimes enjoyed threesomes with females. Unfortunately for Karl, he’s apparently messed up that whole situation…

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