Lil Mo’s Husband Karl Dargan Allegedly Steals Woman’s Debit Card

Posted On : May 14, 2019

A woman named Ashley Gray took to Facebook to blast Lil Mo’s husband, Boxer, Karl Dargan for allegedly taking her debit card and using it to swipe $170 worth of game cards for his children from Dave & Busters.

According to Bossip, Gray admits she dropped the card in the Philadelphia arcade where both she and Karl were with their children. Gray says cameras at the arcade proved Karl picked up the card and used it. She says a man she was with confronted Karl for making the shady purchases while they were still playing. Allegedly he offered to give her just one of the game cards but never returned her debit card.

Photo: Twitter

Here is what his accuser Ashley Gray had to say:

“Okay so who would have everrrr thought. I take my son to Dave and busters for his birthday and my debit card was accidentally dropped and within 15 minutes of it being dropped Lil Moes husband (Karl Dargan) finds my card, does not return it, but instead uses it to purchase $170 worth of playing card for his children. The cameras in D&B confirmed that he was in possession of the play card purchased with my debit card. Once he noticed we were onto him he offered us one of his kids play cards for my kids to use and Eric Jones said “nah bro I want my debit card.”

At the moment this man walked away and packed his kids up and left the building without even paying for his food he ordered! The waiter is the one who told me he’s a well known boxer and lil moes husband who comes in there often. How can you have a verified Instagram account, a famous wife, been on love and hip hop, marriage boot camp, and couples court but yet you are stealing debit cards from people? I was robbed by a famous person y’all! Google his name, he got a couple dirty secrets with him. Can’t wait for him to take his dumb ass back to D&B so he can be arrested upon entry. Somebody tell Lil Moe her man owes me money!”

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