Before Lisa Bonet, A Known Actress Was Set To Be Star Of DifferentWorld..Many Are Glad She Declined

Posted On : April 9, 2019

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In September 1987 A Different World fans tuned in for the first time, to watch “Denise Huxtable” enter into the fictitious HBCU, ‘Hillman College,’ as a freshman. At that time, Cosby Show fans were anticipating what it’d be like to see “Denise” leave the “Huxtable” nest, and move onto the Cosby produced NBC sitcom that was damn near marketed as the next best thing since sliced bread.

Thankfully, actress, Lisa Bonet, and the Different World cast did not disappoint.

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There is one element that would have more than likely disappointed the hell outta most A Different World fans though- the fact that Lisa Bonet was originally NOT supposed to be the star of the show. Instead, that was already set to go to a Caucasian actress, whom most of us would’ve probably never have guessed.

Why? Because throughout the years, said actress has made a great name for herself in Hollywood, but watching her be the star cast member of a hilarious HBCU centered sitcom, would not have been a good look for none involved, in my humble opinion.

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