Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz’s Daughter Raises Brows With Revelation About Her Time With Prince

Posted On : June 17, 2019

Prince Called Her Again…Then Zoë Called Him Annoying”…

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Zoë Kravitz then explained that that although Prince didn’t try anything with her on the night, he’d given her a ride home from the club, he did surprise her by phoning her up soon afterwards, to invite himself to her her show (Zoe’s also a singer). Get this…he actually did show up to see Zoë at her show!

Then Prince called her again, later that night…to link up with her…again. She obliged. However, Zoë insists it was innocent, even though Prince then seemingly tried to impress her with his accomplishments, by bringing up his the film, Purple Rain. Here’s the shocker though- Zoë eventually thought Prince was “annoying,” but meant it in the most ‘respectful’ way.

While explaining her story to Jimmy Kimmell, he cracked slick jokes in between and it was hilarious. See what else revealed about her phone calls and personal time with Prince in the video clip below …

From Zoë’s standpoint, it seemed like a young starstruck 18 year old young lady, who was just ecstatic that her idol, Prince, wanted to see her sing and give her an innocent limo ride home. On the other hand, from Jimmy Kimmel’s and most other parents’ viewpoint, it sounds like Prince was trying to make his move on Zoë…the LEGAL way, LOL. And besides, Lisa Bonet’s and Lenny Kravitz’s daughter does seem like Prince’s ‘type.’

What’chall think ILOSM fam?’ Was Prince was trying to get with then 18 year old Zoë Kravitz? Or was he simply being a father figure to her?