LL Cool J Says He Knocked Out Jamie Foxx Amid Heated Confrontation, Gave Blow-By-Blow Details

Posted On : January 6, 2023
LL Cool J; Jamie Foxx

LL Cool J’s 1990 “Mama Said Knock You Out” lyrics went straight to the heart (and his fists). During an interview, the rapper gives a detailed account of what actually happened between him and Jamie Foxx.

While on the Any Given Sunday set with Jamie, things got a bit too real during one of the scenes. LL Cool J spoke up about the situation during an episode of Drink Champs.

Nevertheless, in the 1999 sports drama ,Any Given Sunday, LL told the hosts how Jamie ended up on the floor. Apparently, similar to how Jamie described the situation during one of his stand-ups, LL was in full-character mode.

The rapper states that Jamie didn’t like how aggressive he was being toward him. According to LL, Foxx actually asked him to ease up. However, LL didn’t take his request seriously. Thus, the next scene…

‘I Was Rough With Him Again’…

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LL says he didn’t back off at all. However, that allegedly caused Jamie to react.

“And, then, I don’t know why, but he thought it was a good idea to punch me in my face. This wasn’t scripted. I’ma keep it 100 with you. You want me to keep it 100 — I’m gonna keep it 100. He punched me in my face.”

When that happened, LL asked Jamie why he would do that. And after a few fighting words between the two, Jamie got laid out.

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He had his helmet on, and he was turned to the side,” LL tells the Drink Champs hosts. “He said, ‘I told you before. Don’t put your hands on me. Period!’ Yo, when he said that, my left hand grabbed the face mask and, as I was pulling his helmet off, my right hand was punching his chin. This was like ‘POW!’ And then he was laying there and I thought he was faking because he was sleep!

Jamie later filed charges against him for the incident. However, as LL mentions, it’s water under the bridge between them now, and they’re cool.

NOTE: In the video interview below, LL starts on this topic around the 1-hour mark.