Look At What This “Family Matters” Actress Does For A Living Now!

Posted On : November 10, 2015

family matters kellie and husband hannibalAfter Family Matters, Kellie graduated from UCLA. She’s 39 years old and she has a very different full time job now. She’s traded in her acting hat for her full time Mommy hat. For the past few years, Kellie has been living the all-American traditional family life- she’s a stay-at-home Mother, with a husband, Hannibal Jackson, who works full time and brings in the bread, while she manages the household, cooks, cleans, and raises their two young kids (her husband helps to raise their kids also of course).
family matters kellie and familyWhenever I hear stories on celebs from back in the day who are now just living a low key, regular lifestyle, I always wonder what it must be like for them when they walk into that PTA meeting at their child’s school- Do the other parents trip out off of the fact that “Laura Winslow” is sitting right next to them? Or what about when they go grocery shopping- Is it weird to see “Laura Winslow” loading her basket with household goods and sandwich meat? Her lifestyle may have changed, but her legacy will continue, so her face will always be one the most recognizable faces wherever she goes.

A few months ago, the world actually got to get a peak inside of Kellie and her family’s everyday lives when they were featured on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap. Kellie swapped lifestyles and husbands for one week with “Keep On Walking” 90’s singer, CeCe Peniston.

family matters kellie and her familyKellie has a great personality and she described herself and her husband as complete opposites- she said she’s the upper and he’s the downer. He is always calm, cool and collected, while she is always bubbly, but obviously their opposite attraction works because they’ve been married since 2009 and are still going strong.

On their Celebrity Wife Swap appearance, Kellie put pressure on her husband to move into a bigger place for their expanded family and she also talks about not really loving that “six pack diet” she’s doing. Check out the Wife Swap clip below (You can see the entire episode with Kellie and Cece on page 3)…

family matters kellie kidsTheir kids are adorable and Kellie and Hannibal still haven’t bought a bigger house yet, but it looks like their love runs so deep, that they could be living in a cubicle and still be happy as long as they have each other and their children. Can’t knock ’em for that at all. Do your thing Kellie!