“Love Come Down” Singer Evelyn Champagne King Sadly Lost Her Child & Almost Lost Her Life Too

Posted On : January 8, 2021
Evelyn “Champagne” King

“Love Come Down” singer, Evelyn “Champagne” King, revealed that she had a tremendously scary health crisis, which caused her to have to be resuscitated after she stopped breathing. This happened in 2006 and hopefully this brings awareness to other women who may be at risk for this condition.

Via LA Sentinel: ‘In 2006, King had an emergency health crisis that left her clinging for life. “I had a fibroid, which a lot of women and a lot of young girls need to keep up on,” said King. “You can have a fibroid that takes things away from you, and it took my life. Literally. I had to be brought back and if it wasn’t for my husband being with me I wouldn’t be here to speak on it.”‘

Fibroids are something we hear about all the time, but rarely do we hear of them almost costing women their lives, if the condition isn’t under control. So we’re glad that Evelyn was willing to share this personal information with the world, with the hopes of possibly helping other women avoid being caught in the same position she was in.

As many of you know, Evelyn has had more than her fair share of tragedy and she has continued to get back up and fight another day like a true champ.

Evelyn “Champagne” King with husband, Freddie Fox

King has been married for 31 years to guitarist, Freddie Fox (pictured with King above), who also serves as her music director. In 1987, the couple’s only child (their daughter) passed away at age two, after suffering complications from being born with brain damage and other health problems:

Via LA Sentinel-“I really don’t want to go into so much because it was so heavy, but I really loved my parents-my dad, my mom and my brother – who have all passed away,” said [Evelyn “Champagne”] King. “And they’re all namesakes: My daughter, Johnniea Champagne King, was named after my mom, Johnniea. And, my brother who passed away, was named after my dad, Erick, so it’s Erick Sr. and Erick Jr. – gone. They were on the road with me (along with two other siblings) and (even today) it feels like they are on the stage with me, so I know they are there. But, it’s an awkward feeling because you’re getting in the business so young. You’re a little naive to what’s going on. You’re just there, really to just go out there and shine so much for just everyone else that is backing you instead of yourself because you don’t get to see what you worked hard for. Yeah, I was taken for a ride for a while, but I’m still here.”

We sincerely appreciate Evelyn “Champagne” King for being strong enough to open up to her fans and share her story.

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