Magic’s Son Dazzles On His Birthday, But Painfully Tells Why This Year Was So Tragic For Him

Posted On : June 5, 2019

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Magic Johnson’s son, E.J. Johnson, has always managed to keep a smile on his face and be the life of the party, no matter if he was at a nightclub, on reality TV, or attending a Bar Mitzvah. But sadly, this past year crushed him to his core. The young Johnson turned 27 on June 4th and he decided to not only celebrate the blessing of turning another year, but also the near miracle of making it through the pain of recently losing his best friend under mysterious circumstances.

“The Most Painful & Difficult Year Of My Life”

In a lengthy online birthday post, EJ shared several photos of himself shining, shining, shining, for the camera- in true EJ fashion- but he coupled his joy with his sorrow in the caption:

“Today I’m 27!” EJ first exclaimed. “This has certainly been the most painful and difficult year of my life as well as one of great growth power strength and beauty,” he confessed. “After losing the most important person in my life I wasn’t sure if I would be able to laugh smile or find joy again. But through all the darkness [and] uncertainty I put myself first. I found joy in searching my soul and nurturing my gifts and talents. I laughed with my friends and family who kept their hands on me during this process. I smiled when I had major personal breakthroughs and successes. I had to shed certain situations and people in order to get here but I’m better because of it.”

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