Major Claims Made Against George Clinton In New Lawsuit By His Band Member’s Widow

Posted On : May 13, 2019

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Widow Blames Band Members Longterm Addiction Struggles On Clinton
Bernie’s widow is also pointing the finger at Clinton- whom she labels as the band’s then “drug supplier” for his band members’ drug addictions and lifelong struggles thereafter.

“Clinton’s drug culture caused many of the band members to become addicts who had to seek treatment for their addiction later in life,” the lawsuit stated. She added that many “members of the band members never recovered and drug addiction cost them their lives. Clinton manipulated the band members with drugs and promises which were never kept.”

Well, if George Clinton is guilty of unethically withholding his band members’ royalties, or breaching his contract with Bernie Worrell, Jr., then his estate does deserve it’s just due.

However, the accusation that Clinton is responsible for his former band members’ addictions, may not stick so well in court. Why? Because unless George Clinton forced his members to take the drugs, by threatening physical violence against them, they unfortunately did the drugs voluntarily at that time.

At any rate, hopefully this case reaches a fair, amicable ocnclusion soon.