Malcolm Jamal Warner Admits He Had Big Crush On This Cosby Show Sister

Posted On : May 19, 2015

malcolm and cosby show blog pic
Malcolm Jamal Warner
admitted a few months ago that he had a huge crush on one of his Cosby Show “sisters” in the worst way.

So who was it…”Vanessa,” “Sondra,” “Denise,” or “Rudy?” Well here’s the obvious hint: It wasn’t “Rudy,” she was way too young.

theo and denice

The eclectic Lisa Bonet is the ‘Cosby kid’ that Malcolm said he desperately wanted to be with, but that he knew he didn’t stand a chance with her. That didn’t stop that teenage crush from clouding his mind every time he had to do a scene with her, or sit next to her at rehearsals…LOL.

Here’s what he said about his crush on Lisa Bonet…