Malcolm Jamal Warner Admits He “Never Had A Shot” With His Crush, Cosby Show Co-Star Lisa Bonet

Posted On : July 7, 2019

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Malcolm Jamal Warner admits he had a big crush on one of his Cosby Show “sisters” in the worst way. So who was it- “Vanessa,” “Sondra,” “Denise,” or “Rudy?” Well here’s the obvious hint: It wasn’t “Rudy,” she was way too young…and to get right down to it, nah…it wasn’t “Sondra,” nor “Vanessa”…it was “Denise Huxtable” a.k.a. Lisa Bonet.

Malcolm said he desperately wanted to be with Lisa, but he knew he didn’t stand a chance with her. That didn’t stop that teenage crush from clouding his mind every time he had to do a scene with her, or sit next to her at rehearsals.

Here’s what he said about his crush on Lisa Bonet:

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“Early on, it was Lisa,” Malcolm said when “Access Hollywood Live” hosts asked him about his teenage crush. “I never had a shot. At 13, 14, you know when you have a shot or not – even at that age.”

Lisa and Malcolm’s relationship is more similar to the one they had onscreen as siblings. “Lisa and I have been very cool,” he said. “I’m very cool with everybody because we all bonded in this unique experience. That bond, no matter how much time goes by, we’ll always have that bond.”

There’s nothing worse than a guy finding out the girl he’s crushing on has officially placed him in the “friend zone.”

Speaking of “Denise” and “Theo,” I think one of the funniest scenes on the Cosby Show was when “Denise” made that jacked up shirt for “Theo.” It was supposed to be a designer replica, but it turned out to be a designer disaster…LOL. Check out that scene here…

I guess Malcolm really knew his chances were shot after Lisa popped up pregnant by her then-husband, Lenny Kravitz, while they were still filming The Cosby Show.

Lisa Bonet (51) has moved on from Lenny, but they’re still one big happy family- Lisa; Lenny; their daughter, Zoe Kravitz; and Lisa’s current husband -who’s 12 years her junior- Game of Thrones actor, Jason Momoa (39); and their two young children.

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