Ouch! Mama Joyce Slams Phaedra Parks Following Explosive RHOA Reunion

Posted On : May 12, 2017

Phaedra Parks has been dragged through the mud all week following the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion fiasco. From news outlets and Bravo co-stars to other celebrities and fans, everyone has had something to say about Phaedra “High Class” Parks. Now, there’s yet another person who has something to say – Kandi Burruss’ mom, known to fans as Mama Joyce. Now, that Phaedra’s been given the reality TV ax, Mama Joyce has wasted no time slamming Phaedra for her actions that led to her public downfall.


Not Mincing Words:

During a recent interview with Radar Online, Mama Joyce definitely didn’t hold back when she shared her opinion of Phaedra. “She is a liar! This is what I’ve always said,” Mama Joyce told the publication. “She was a liar. She should be sharing a cell with her husband!” Mama Joyce went on to discuss details about the big blow-up that led to Phaedra’s termination. “Phaedra is a massive manipulator,” she said. “A master manipulator. She knows exactly what she’s doing and she knows who to do it to. She preys on the weak… Phaedra said Kandi and Todd were going to drug Porsha and take her for sex. She told Porsha that!”

Defending Her Daughter:

As expected Mama Joyce went on to defend her daughter, adamantly insisting she would never do any of the things Phaedra accused her of. “Kandi doesn’t even allow people to smoke weed [around her] and she’s not into any other kind of drugs,” she said. “Kandi doesn’t even toast with champagne! She never has! Not only that she would never do that, she would never drug someone.”
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In wake of the latest controversy, Phaedra has also spoken publicly about the ordeal. She’s actually accused Bravo producers of being the masterminds behind the allegations. Phaedra claims producers gave her the baseless story about Kandi and Todd planning to drug and rape Porsha. She insists the allegations were fabricated by producers, reports TMZ. Although it has been confirmed that Phaedra’s been fired, it’s probably safe to say this situation could get ugly if any of the parties involved decide to take legal action.