A Man Has Been Arrested After Trying To Steal From Halle Berry

Posted On : June 22, 2019

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Being a celebrity has its ups and downs. For one, you have to deal with the constant sting of people always in your business. Another thing is having to deal with those who take their admiration to another level. This may have been the case with Academy Award winner Halle Berry, who is no stranger to dealing with odd behavior from her fans.

Halle’s Used To Stalkers

Halle Berry is famously named as one of the most beautiful women in the world, and for very good reason. Since her introduction in films like Strictly Business and Boomerang many have recognized Berry for her beauty and talent. However, some people immediately became obsessed with her. And one of the unwanted side effects of fame comes in the form of stalkers. Berry knows this all too well. In 2012 Berry encountered an overzealous fan named Richard Franco. His obsession took a turn for the worse when he deiced to visit her a few times without her knowledge. Ultimately, it landed him in jail with a hefty sentence. The Daily News Reports;

Franco was arrested at Berry’s Hollywood home July 11 after menacing the “Monster’s Ball” star with a spree of hair-raising break-ins over a three day period, police said.

Berry said in a written court statement that she first encountered the scary stranger July 9 when he scaled a wall of her enclosed property, crossed her private yard and approached her house with something in his hands.

“I immediately ran into my security room and watched the video monitor as the intruder scaled my fence,” Berry stated in her July filing seeking a restraining order.

But it didn’t end there. Franco visited Berry’s home a few more times before finally being apprehended by police. He served a year long sentence and hasn’t been heard from since. Though this would seem like the perfect ending to Berry’s stalker problems, it’s not. And the newest nuisance has been charged with the ultimate crime; trying to rob Berry of her house.

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