Man Says He’s Wilt Chamberlain’s Secret Gay Son Fam’ Wants 2 Keep Quiet

Posted On : September 19, 2015

wilt chamberlain11 We’ve always heard the late basketball legend, Wilt Chamberlain, say that he never had any children. Well that has changed…at least according to one man who has recently made his face known as the “secret son” of Wilt Chamberlain. His name is Aaron Levi and he had a lot to say in a recent Sports Illustrated interview about growing up with a big question mark over his head as to how he got so tall as a child (he was 6’5″ before he even graduated high school); about coming to terms with being gay; and about you guessed it…allegedly receiving confirmation that he is Wilt Chamberlain’s child. Check out a part of the article below…

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Aaron Levi wanted to know who he was, where he came from, where he belonged. His curiosity was born of a feeling that he was different. He was a biracial child adopted by a white couple when he was six months old. Taller than his schoolmates at almost every age, he was 6' 5" by the time he left high school. He was also gay—and, he said, desperately trying to hide it.
In the early 1980s...classmates often asked him, “What are you?” Some figured he was Greek, Italian...Middle Eastern...a few people spoke to him in Spanish, assuming he was Latino. He noticed how African-Americans gave him a brotherly nod.
He imagined his biological parents as romantic partners happy to have given him flesh and blood. He learned later, through his own experience, the pain of the adoption process, both for himself and for his birth mother. “When you are adopted,” he said, “rejection is woven into your DNA.”
He said he had a happy childhood in Oregon with loving adoptive parents, though they divorced when he was still in grade school. Don and Harriet Levi (his adoptive parents)...told Aaron what they knew about his biological parents: that his mother was white and his father black and tall, at least 6' 10". That’s all that the Santa Clara County (Calif.) Social Services Agency had told them.
For Aaron the mystery began there...When his younger brother had a...