Manager Of R. Kelly Indicted For Felony…And It Just Got Real

Posted On : June 6, 2019

(L) Timothy Savage; (R) Timothy with daughter, Joycelyn Savage [via Facebook]
Savage Family Attorney Speaks On Their Behalf After Manager’s Indictment…
Following Thursday’s indictment of R. Kelly’s manager, Jason Mason, Joycelyn Savage’s parents spoke put via their attorney, Gerald A. Griggs:

“Today’s indictment of Henry James Mason, former manager of R Kelly, further underscores the public accountability that victims and families are pressing on R Kelly and his team.

The Savage family will not be bullied or threatened in their quest to reunite with Joycelyn. Let this be a message to all associates of Robert Sylvester Kelly that the Savages are serious about justice and accountability.” -Griggs, via TMZ

The Savages have been on a persistent mission to get R. Kelly, after they say he ‘kidnapped’ and ‘brainwashed’ daughter, – both of which Joycelyn has repeatedly denied.

The Danger That Manager’s Indictment Could Bring For R. Kelly…
The takedown of R. Kelly’s manager, just may be the added pressure authorities are seeking, to possibly entice Mason to tell whatever concrete info he knows about R. Kelly and his alleged transgressions with underaged girls. Possibly great news for the prosecutors, bad news for R. Kelly.

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