After Many Allegations Against R.Kelly, Ex-Friend Charlie Wilson Admits He No Longer Deals With Him

Posted On : July 22, 2019

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When we think of Charlie Wilson, we think of the lead singer of the Gap Band, who had us vibin’ to fire hits like, “Outstanding,” “Burn Rubber On Me,” “You Dropped A Bomb On Me,” and many more classic bangers. We also think of the brotha was the ‘comeback kid,’ so to speak. Charlie was a music success story that also had a sequel, when he re-emerged in the mid 90s, after so many of his fellow 70’s/80’s music colleagues had fallen from grace and into obscurity.

One of the men responsible for helping Charlie to make that comeback and connect with a whole new audience, was singer/producer, R. Kelly. Kelly always had a knack for re-inventing old school legends, like Charlie and Ron Isley, for example. That’s why it was kinda surprising to hear what Charlie recently had to say about Kelly in a new interview. In a nutshell, although the two of them were cool as hell years ago, Charlie ain’t rockin’ with the “Bump N’ Grind” hitmaker these days. He explained why below.

Charlie Wilson Reveals What He Told R. Kelly

As we all know, the currently incarcerated R. Kelly is catchin’ flack over┬ámany sexual assault allegations that women and/or parents of his girlfriends have made against him. Those allegations have also affected Charlie’s view of R. Kelly. In an interview, with L.A. Times, Charlie spoke about how grateful he was when R. Kelly helped to resurrect his career after he overcame a drug addiction.

However, it was that same gratitude that made him feel obligated when Kelly asked him for a return of favors…even though Charlie admittedly felt conflicted

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