Many Are Crying After Seeing The Beautiful Thing Teyana Taylor Just Did For Her Grandmother

Posted On : April 17, 2018

Singer/model, Teyana Taylor, definitely had us over here tearing up not only because of what she’s just bought for her grandmother, but also because of the amount of love that was displayed in their online video clip. Today, her ‘Nana’ is beyond grateful for the retirement gift her 27 year superstar grandbaby gifted her, but more importantly, she’s extremely proud of the woman Teyana’s become. See the video footage that has everybody crying tears of joy…

(Video) “U deserve the world Nana!!”

Teyana’s grandmother has just retired from her job of many years. To honor her Nana’s retirement, Teyana wanted to do something big for the woman she loves with all of her heart. So what’d she do? She surprised her with a new BMW! It was obviously what her grandmother least expected and that was evident in her reaction.

Teyana posted video of her grandma’s birthday surprise on Instagram. In the video, many of their family and friends were gathered in celebration of nana’s birthday, as Teyana presents a BMW, with a big red bow wrapped around it to her grandmother. As soon as her Nana realized the BMW was for her, all she could do was burst in to tears, catch the Holy ghost, shout “To God be the glory,” and hold on to her grandbaby for dear life. It was a tear jerkin’ sight to see because everyone watching, knew Nana was grateful for far more than just the car.

To add even more tear jerkin’ moments to this occasion, Teyana’s Instagram caption is priceless:

teyanataylor: You’ve worked so hard for 52 years straight, barely taking a day off! Even when I told you that you never have to work another day again in life, You continued to work anyway, because you loved and enjoyed your craft! U deserve the world Nana!! Me, my mom & aunties wouldn’t be the women that we are today if it wasn’t for you.

Your unconditional love & prayer is what keeps us all sane & on the right path. I love you so much Nana.. I can’t begin to thank you enough. You took care of us, now let us take care of you! Enjoy your retirement! Just sit back, relax, exhale, ride in style & let me spoil you… I love you so much my beautiful Nana! Congrats again on your retirement!! ❤️❤️❤️

Fans Cry With Nana

In addition to Teyana’s and her NBA husband, Iman Shumpert’s, new VH1 reality show, “Teyana & Iman,” being the talk of the internet, so is this video footage of her grandmother’s retirement surprise. Many fans have now caught wind of the beautiful moment that caused Teyana’s grandmother to catch the Holy ghost and they didn’t hesitate to big up Teyana for this on social media:

@five10lightskin: Beautiful. Oh lord this brings me to tears. I miss my grand parents so much. ♥️♥️♥️

@puresatisfaction37: Mann..i haven’t cried in days…thats out the window 😂😂😂😂so sweet!!

@_luvnlatricBaby NaNa was praising him baby

@Dejlynne Yo @TEYANATAYLOR really got her grandparents on here speaking in tongues on national television…..For the culture🔥🔥🔥

@nrare_form@armani__jean real thug tears

Their Love Is Real

Speaking of Teyana and her husband, Iman, we’ve GOT to give them their props for bringing a REAL representation of what pure, Black love looks like to the forefront of mainstream television again. Their new reality show, “Teyana & Iman,” displays what their family life is like with their precious 2year old mini-me, Iman “Junie” Sumpert, Jr. as well. In spite of them both being celebrities with hectic schedules, when it comes to home, they both do their due diligence to make sure their family unit is in tact at all times. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and you can catch them on VH1 at 9pm/8C.