Many Think Tom Cruise’s Grown Adopted Son Is Really His Biological Child & For A Good Reason

Posted On : March 14, 2018

Legendary actor, Tom Cruise (56), is known for pulling off his own stunts in Mission Impossible, but now there are many folks who believe he’s pulled off a damn near impossible mission in his personal life. According to the talk around the internet Tom is being accused of pulling off the task of disguising his adopted African American son’s real biological identity.

Who Is Connor Cruise?

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(L-R) Connor Cruise and Tom Cruise (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)

Connor Cruise is Tom Cruise’s and his ex-wife/actress, Nicole Kidman’s, adopted son. The former lovebirds were married from 1990 to 2001 and adopted Connor as a baby in 1995. They also adopted a daughter, Isabella Cruise, in 1992. Connor is no longer the youngin,’ these days, he’s a 23 year old man. He’s a successful DJ, who also loves luxury vehicles, cigarettes, and fishing on the regular. Check out current pics of him below and see why many now believe his parents are keeping a little DNA secret…

Why Fans Now Think He’s Tom Cruise’s Biological Child

Could It Also NOT Be A Coincidence At All?

I recently stumbled across many online comments about Connor. People have been pointing out just how much Connor actually looks a LOT like his ‘adopted father. After reading comments, I said to myself, ‘What the hell, let me see what they talmbout.’ Lo and behold ILOSM fam,’ at first glance it’s very clear to see why fans believe Tom is telling a tale about his adopted son. They share many of the same facial features- same smile, nose, jaw line, cheekbones, etc. As one commenter put it- Connor Cruise damn near looks like Tom in ‘black face and an afro wig.’ The Old Schoolers say that we all have a non-related ‘twin’ on this earth. So could Tom’s and Connor’s physical features all just be a coincidence? Absolutely. Could it also not be a coincidence at all? Anything’s possible, but for now, we have no proof of that being the case.

Although many believe Tom may be the biological father of Connor, others voiced another non-proven hypothetical scenario. Some think Tom is actually Connor’s ‘biological uncle,’ raising his sibling’s kid as his own. But nonetheless, they still think the two men are somehow blood related because of their resemblances. Check out fans’ reactions below…

Fans’ Reactions To Cruise’s Son

Here is just a sample of the countless online comments regarding the suspicions fans have about Connor’s true DNA:

Commenter, @marrymejane said “If not father and son, they’re def related somehow. Maybe he adopted the child from someone in his family, but chose to keep it under wraps for whatever reason?”

One commenter names @sukienow wrote, “If connor didnt have similar looks to cruise people wouldnt bring this up, but because he eerily looks like him it makes people wonder.”

@Denise21 wrote, “If Connor isn’t Tom’s son, I would be shocked. They look too much alike.”

@SouthAfrican alleged, “Unless he is paying the mother a huge sum of money keep her mouth shut.”

Commenter, @maey, was a little skeptical though, writing, “It is strange how alike they look.but I don’t think tom is into black women.

Whatever the reason behind their resemblance- a pure coincidence, or a well kept secret- the bottom line is that Tom and Connor share a close knit relationship to this day. Blood related or not, they’re family and that’s a beautiful thing.

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