Fans Are Surprised After Seeing Dr. Dre’s Son, He’s Very Different From His Pops

Posted On : June 17, 2022
Dr. Dre

We all know Andre “Dr. Dre” Young (56) as the N.W.A. legend, who then went on to become co-founder of Death Row Records, who later morphed into the almost billionaire Beats by Dre mogul, that we see before us today. Though the latter business feat was accomplished later in his life, its his gangsta rap-producer persona that he’s most known for. Well, fast forward to now, and his 25-year-old biracial son caught many Dr. Dre fans by surprise.

Why is that? Well for several reasons: (1) At first glance, the young brotha does not look much like his legendary Pops; and (2) His eclectic sense of style is more Blink 182 pop-rock, and less like NWA, Death Row, nor his Pops’ current Forbes List cover-ready business attire.

Despite their differences, Dr. Dre and his son, seem just as as close as any other famous father/son duo- “Lamont and Fred Sanford,” Eddie and Gerald Levert, you name it. So without further ado ILOSM fam,’ scroll down to see why folks were surprised by Dr. Dre’s son…

Meet The Younger ‘Mr. Young’…

Tyler Young, Dr. Dre’s and Nicole Young’s son

Introducing Tyler Young, the 24 year old son of Andre “Dr. Dre” Young. As you can see, they are a tad different at first glance…

Tyler Young

Though their individual styles may be lightyears apart, there is one thing Tyler has in common with his Pops- their love of music. The younger Young is a music producer. His specialty seems to be house music mixed with a tinge of hip hop.

Dr. Dre with son, Tyler Young (via Instagram)

By the way, Tyler also looks a lot like his Moms– Dr. Dre’s newly ex-wife of 25 years, Nicole Young (56). As far as we know, Nicole is of White and/or Hispanic descent, and her maiden name is Nicole Plotzker.

Judge Denied Dr. Dre’s Wife’s Emergency Restraining Order

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Speaking of the former Mr. and Mrs., exes, amid their recent divorce battle, Nicole filed for an emergency restraining order against Dr. Dre. for — get this — him calling her a “greedy bi*ch” and also a “bitch and a perjurer” in a song Dr. Dre released in February 2020. In court docs, Nicole claimed she felt Dre’s summarization of her was somehow a ‘threat,’ stating that “he has upped the ante and is now outright threatening me to keep my mouth shut or else.” The judge disagreed with Nicole’s claim of a perceived ‘threat’ and ruled there was “insufficient evidence” to back said claim.

Nevertheless, Dr. Dre and Nicole couldn’t be more proud of their eldest child, Tyler, just as they are of their youngest, daughter Truly Young, who was accepted into UCLA a couple years ago.

Dr. Dre reportedly has a total of eight children from various relationships.