Many Fans Are Flippin’ Out After Seeing Dr. Dre’s Son, He’s Nothing Like His Dad

Posted On : April 8, 2019

Here Is The Younger ‘Mr. Young’…

Dr. Dre’s son, Tyler Young (via Instagram)

Introducing Truice Young, the 22 year old son of Andre “Dr. Dre” Young. As you can see, they are a tad different at first glance…

Dr. Dre’s son, Tyler Young (via Instagram)

Though their individual styles may be lightyears apart, there is one thing Truice has in common with his Pops- their love of music. The younger Young is a music producer. His specialty seems to be house music mixed with a tinge of hip hop.

Dr. Dre with son, Tyler Young (via Instagram)

By the way, Truice also looks a lot like his Moms/Dr. Dre’s wife of 23 years, Nicole Young (49). As far as we know, Nicole is of White and/or Hispanic descent and her maiden name is Nicole┬áPlotzker…

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The Mr. and Mrs. couldn’t be more proud of their eldest child, Truice, just as they are of their youngest, daughter Truly Young, who just got accepted into UCLA.

Truice and Truly are the 5th and 6th born of Dr. Dre’s six kids. The other 4 children are from four prior relationships.