Many Never Knew Gladys Knight’s SON Sadly Died As A Young Man From THIS

Posted On : September 15, 2015

So often we look at icons, like Gladys Knight, as almost being super human and we sometimes forget that they endure heartaches and tragedies just like the rest of us. Unfortunately in 1999, Gladys Knight suffered the worst tragedy that no parent should have to face when her son passed away. Details below…


Gladys Knight with her son, James "Jimmy" Newman III and daughter, Kenya NewmanIt was widely reported that Jimmy (pictured above with his mother and sister) passed away in his sleep from heart failure at his Las Vegas home. There have also been conflicting allegations regarding the actual cause of his heart failure. Some speculated that it was caused by drug usage, while other reports allege it was due to natural causes.  Regardless of what caused Jimmy's heart failure, at 37 years old, he still had much more life ahead of him.

Jimmy's survived by his wife, Michelene, two daughters, three sons, a sister, and three brothers (two of his siblings are Gladys Knight's children and the other is his father's child from a different relationship). See how his beloved father passed away...

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