Many Surprised By Angela Winbush’s Reaction To Ex-Hubby Ron Isley’s Stroke

Posted On : August 21, 2018

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When Ron Isley and singer, Angela Winbush, divorced in 2002, they allegedly kind of lost the contact they once had, but it was health scares on both sides that brought them back together as friends. The thing that had a lot of people talking was what Angela Winbush did for Ron long after they’d divorced and after he was in a new committed relationship wife his wife…


In 2004, Ron Isley suffered a very scary stroke while in London. He was dating his then-new girlfriend/background singer, Kandy Johnson (who is now his wife and mother of his 9 year old son, Ron Isley Jr.) at the time, but it was Angela who also rushed to be by his side when he needed all of the loving support he could get to help him through that trying time.


Here are the details of what Winbush did for Isley after his stroke:

The couple split after 16 years of marriage, but became friends again when Isley rushed to his ex-wife’s side when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer [in 2003].

Singer Winbush [returned the favor] by helping Isley as he recovered from his [stroke] at his home in St Louis, Missouri. “People think I’m very foolish for being that way, but when it comes to somebody’s health I just don’t feel like I should be your enemy.” (Source: Contact Music)

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Wow, this was very big of Angela and it sounds like Ron’s wife, Kandy, didn’t mind Angela stepping in to help out with Mr. Isley’s health. That’s the type of love that comes with maturity, but unfortunately not all divorced/separated couples get a chance to experience it.

Question ILOSM family: After parting ways with your ex-spouse, would you have been able to do this so soon after the separation?


On a side note, no disrespect to Mr. Isley and his wife, Kandy (who is 35 years his junior), but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think Ron and Angela always seemed like they were the perfect soulmates…but of course, I’m just a bystander looking from the outside in. So what do I know? Obviously Angela’s and Ron just weren’t meant to last forever, but it seems like the genuine love they both have for one another as friends, will always be there and that’s a beautiful thing.

On the flip side it truly does seem like Ron Isley and Kandy Johnson are very happy together and I wish them many more years of marital bliss.