Many Surprised By What This Curvaceous “The Parkers” Actress Is Doing Now

Posted On : March 1, 2018

Do you remember actress, Jenna Von Oy? Well if you don’t know the name, there’s a strong possibility you’ve seen her face. The popular actress is best known for her roles on Blossom and The Parkers. The curvaceous, talented actress has even been referred to as “the fine white chick” by lots of black men back in the day. But, surprisingly, her acting days are over. Although many fans believed she had a promising career in television and film, she decided to go a different direction in life. You’ll probably be surprised to see what she’s doing now…

The Parkers 100th Episode Celebration
The Parkers Cast: Dorien Wilson, Countess Von James, Mo’Nique, Yvette Wilson, Jenna von Oy and Ken L. (Photo by Malcolm Ali/WireImage)

Life After Acting

Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower NYC
NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 12: Jenna von Oy attends Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower NYC at Metropolitan Pavilion on November 12, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Big City Moms, Inc.)

In 2012, Jenna decided to walk away from the limelight just two years after she married data consultant, Brad Bratcher, in Newtown, Connecticut. Now, they have two adorable daughters; Gray, born in 2012, and Marlowe, born in 2014…



Before we show you the major transformation Jenny Von Oy has made today, we couldn’t forget about the super sexy King Magazine spread she did in 2004, the same year The Parkers show ended for good. Many men thanked her for this one and keep in mind that this was before the days of heavy inflation a.k.a. today’s current trend of overly inflated butt shot booties…


In 2004 many female entertainers were still au naturel in the back, which is why many Black men were giving Jenna her props. In act, Jenna ain’t oblivious to why she received so much love from African American male fans back in the day. During a 2016 interview with Flashback Tonight, the host brought up the topic, asking Jenna why she believed so many Black male fans were diggin’ her. Jenna joking replied, “Oh gosh, I don’t know. It could be a certain ass-et that I might have…or DID have, apparently.”

When the host responded by telling Jenna “You were like the original Kardashian…but YOURS is real,” she started crackin’ up at his comparison. Check out her reaction below…

What She’s Doing Now Love

Although she spends most of her time caring for their two daughters, she’s also an author and blogger. If you want catch a glimpse of Jenna’s life, you can check out her personal blog The Cradle Chronicles, follow her PEOPLE magazine column, or read her book, Situation Momedy: A First-Time Mom’s Guide to Laughing Your Way Through Pregnancy & Year One,, which was released in 2016.

It’s obvious Jenna finds solace in writing and motherhood and we wish her all the best. Since we’re on the topic of The Parkers, y’all know we couldn’t possibly talk about that show without filling you on on the latest drama and/or beef surrounding The Parkers former star, Mo’Nique. That just wouldn’t be the natural order of things if we didn’t, so here it is…

Another Former “Parkers” Star, Mo’Nique, Is On A Mission

Mo’Nique has been on a one-woman crusade to speak out against Netflix for how she says they’re doing her, and other women of color, dirty. Mo’ has also been hitting the airwaves to continue to speak against the blackballing she says Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels have created against her in Hollywood. She’s also called out director, Will Packer and TV journalist, Roland Martin.

Premiere Of Universal's 'Almost Christmas' - Arrivals
Actress/Comedian Mo’Nique (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Even though many have slammed Mo’Nique’s Netflix boycott and celebrity feuds, overall her brave fight against inequality in Hollywood and beyond, is something that is definitely applause worthy. So since she’s been having so much to say lately, we’ll briefly update y’all on a few of her situations that are currently heating up social media and television these days.

Whoopi Has Tense Convo With Mo’Nique Over Her ‘Blackballed’ Claims

As we previously reported, For the past 8 years, we’ve all heard Mo’Nique tell her side of the story about how Precious director, Lee Daniels, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry blackballed her in Hollywood, for refusing to promote the film Precious “for free.” The actress/comedian has repeatedly blasted all three heavy-hitters for secretly destroying her career, because she refused to allow them to “bully” her.

On Thursday (2-23-18), Mo’Nique sat down to chop it up with Whoopi Goldberg on The View. They discussed the situation in greater detail and as Mo’Nique was telling her side of the situation again, Whoopi had to stop her and “school” her about how she should’ve handled that particular situation for the greater good of her career going forward. Whoopi also reminded her about the help she tried to extend to Mo’ at that time. However, Mo’Nique was sticking to her guns about the fact that she was not contractually wrong/nor obligated to do film promotion for free. Check out their exchange below:

Oprah Finally Responds To Mo’Nique’s Shade

After all this time of remaining silent about Mo’Nique’s jabs toward her for reportedly having her “blackballed” in Hollywood, Oprah finally to respond (sort of) to her. In a recent interview with Global Grind, Oprah was asked about Mo’s claims and why she has remained quiet on shade thrown her way. Here is what Oprah had to say bout that (you can watch her video response below):

“You can’t meet negative energy where it is, you have to rise above it, you have to transcend it. You have to be the light. It only takes a little bit of light to banish the darkness, it takes a lot of darkness to overcome the light,” she added. “It takes just a little bit of light and we are warriors of the light. I would never stoop to try to meet somebody where they are negatively. Don’t care who they are.”

Mo’Nique Responds To Oprah’s Classy Clap-back

After watching Oprah refer to her as a “negative energy” that she chooses to drive out with “light,” Mo’Nique had a response to that and voiced it right there on Twitter. She didn’t back down from her stance and called Oprah fake, when a fan applauded Oprah’s response. See their exchange below…

Charlamagne the God Gets Compared To Slave By Mo’Nique

And of course we can’t forget about Mo’Nique’s recent interview on The Breakfast Club. She was there to further shed light on what’s being done to herself and other people of color behind Hollywood’s closed doors. Co-host Charlamagne the God had a few tense moments during the interview and afterwards, resulting in Mo’Nique ultimately comparing Charlamagne to the slave who takes his wife to the plantation’s ‘big house’ to be raped by ‘Massuh.’

Charlamagne: “When I heard you say that you wanted us to boycott [Netflix] because of racial and gender bias … I wanted to know why did you feel like you should have gotten whatever Chris Rock got, whatever Dave Chappelle got, whatever Amy Schumer got … We all know Mo’Nique is a legend, but we also know that those deals that Netflix are giving out are based on recent stand-up shows,” Charlamagne told Mo’Nique. “I don’t think Amy Schumer is funny, but she did sell out 50 arenas around the world, including MSG, and HBO wanted her as well, so she created a bidding war on those stats, so I assume that’s the reason her number was at that place,” he continued.

Mo’Nique politely checked Charlamagne at the end of the interview with this…

Mo’Nique: “You know what, brotha? You’re going to hear yourself a lot from me lately,” she told Charlamagne. “You’re going to hear yourself around the world. We have to explain brothas like you, we do. And, when we watched that movie Birth of a Nation and we saw that man walk his wife into that master’s house, we watched him walk his wife in. Then we watched him go back and get ’em— you’re that brotha.”


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