Mariah Carey’s Mom Details Being SHOT AT But Wait ‘Til U See Over WHAT!

Posted On : May 28, 2016

Mariah Carey’s mother, Patricia Hickney, recalled the time that she was shot at. She discussed this in a very candid interview she and Mariah did with Oprah back in the day and the details she described are really sad and frustrating at the same time. It gives us a lot more insight into what Mariah and her brother and sister went through, as well as their parents. We wanted to share this with y’all because what Mariah and her fam’ went through is still a very relevant topic today…unfortunately…


Patricia said that her family disowned her for marrying Mariah's father. They didn't want her to marry a Black man and when Patricia told her mother she was in love with him, her mother hated it and never allowed Mariah's father into her home, which drove a wedge between Patricia and her mom. Mariah's parents eventually divorced; her dad passed away some years ago and they had an estranged relationship for a while, but before he passed, they were able to make amends. Watch Mariah and her mother explain all of this to Oprah in the video above.

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