Marlon Jackson Married His Teenage Sweetheart, Their Kids Are Now 40+ And Stunning

Posted On : September 6, 2021
(L) Marlon Jackson; (R) Throwback photo of Marlon Jackson with wife and kids

Marlon Jackson and his wife of 46 years, Carol Ann Parker, have three adult children together- Valencia, Brittany, and Marlon Jr- who all seem to stay as far away from the limelight as they possibly can. I can only imagine that it ain’t easy being a Jackson, but it does come with a lot of perks. Imagine what it must be like at the workplace for the Jackson kids.

Marlon and wife, Carol Ann Jackson then (L) and now (R)

Anyways, we had to do a quick update on Marlon’s daughters, Valencia and Brittany Jackson, because we hadn’t realized it had been that long since we’d seen them out and about as a little girls, holding on to their Pops backstage at shows and whatnots. Marlon’s daughters are 44 and 42…and gorgeous! See recent pics of them below…


Marlon Jackson with daughter he and wife shares, Valencia Jackson

Valencia is 44 years old, and she’s Marlon Jackson’s oldest daughter. She has two children, her daughter Sophia and her son Noah. She is a travel journalist, curator, and cultural expert. She also is an entrepreneur and is the founder of Creative Vie Media which is a global travel and tourism branding, public relations and multimedia agency.

Marlon with daughter he shares with wife, Brittany Jackson

This is Marlon Jackson’s and Carol’s youngest daughter, Brittany Jackson. She’s 42 years old, and keeps an even lower profile than her big sis,’ Valencia So the only facts we know about her are that she is a college graduate and she has two children, her daughters Phoenix and Savannah. The photo below is of Marlon’s wife, Carol, holding their grandbaby and glammin’ it up for the cameras, with their two daughters. Carol’s aging so gracefully, that it’s almost hard to tell who are the daughters and who is the mother…

Marlon’s daughters Brittany (L) and Valencia (R); with his wife, Carol Ann, holding their grandchild

As far as their son, he’s now a grown man, but he keeps the lowest profile of them all. However, just for the hell of it , we threw in this throwback photo…

Throwback photo of Marlon Jackson Jr. watching his dad perform at an award show (screen-grab)

Marlon and Carol Ann are still going strong and we’re giving them props for being a wonderful representation of true love, Black love, unconditional love, and all of the above.