Martin Lawrence Celebrates 53rd B-day With His Rarely Seen 6 Siblings..They All Look Alike

Posted On : April 16, 2018

Whazzup, whazzup, WHAZZUP ILOSM family?!! Today we’re sending a big birthday shoutout to comedian/actor, Martin Lawrence. April 16, 2018 marks his 53rd trip around the sun and he has a lot to be thankful for.

Check Out The Video Of Martin Lawrence:

Birthday Celebration

For his birthday, Martin took to Instagram to celebrate. Instead of showing himself poppin’ bottles for his b-day, Marty-Mar chose a different route. He opted to celebrate the gratitude he has for his family and friends, who have been there with him through thick and thin. In a rare move for the ever so private Martin Lawrence, he shared photos of his three children- Iyanna, Jasmine and Amara- as well as his rarely seen six look-alike siblings and mother. His fiancee, Roberta Moradfar, was also in the pics as well.

Check out the photos of Martin and his family below (BE SURE TO SWIPE LEFT):

Apparently, Martin ain’t the only super private person in his fam.’ Although he’s one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, his siblings and mom have all managed to fly under the radar for decades. In fact, trying to find any remnants of them online, is like searching for Stacey Dash at a NAACP convention- slim to none odds. Good news is that we did find a few tidbits of info about Martin’s siblings that many never knew. Peep the details below…

Who’s The Funniest Sibling?

Martin is the 4th born of his parents’ six kids. In a prior interview with TV ONE founder, Cathy Hughes, he was asked if he was the funniest cat in the family and he was adamant that he is not, but his big brother, Robert Lawrence, a retired Army veteran, is:

“He’s [Robert Lawrence] hilarious, said Martin. When you sit down with him, I mean, he’ll have you laughin’ literally all day long.”

Martin Employs His Siblings

Martin with 4 of his 6 siblings and their mother (C), Chlora Lawrence

Martin also employs a few of of his siblings. His sister, Rae Proctor, has worked as his personal assistant for decades. His brother, Robert, has worked with him on several of his highly successful projects, including his stand-up special, “Runteldat,” in which Robert executive produced.

In “Runteldat,” Martin joked about the many struggles he had throughout the 90’s- including his infamous 1996 arrest when he was erratic, brandishing a pistol and admittedly high as a kite, while running down Ventura Blvd. in Los Angeles, Ca.. In a previous interview with The Washington Post, Martin revealed why it was so important to that he have his brother work on that special with him:

“When I made the decision to pursue my dream of being a comedian, my family was very supportive of me,” says Lawrence. “Working with Robert, my brother, on the film was really special. Of course, he and my family were right there by my side during some difficult periods, so he had a complete understanding of a lot of the material I am dealing with in the movie. Besides, Robert is a great gauge for what is funny, and it’s always great to bounce ideas off of him.”

Martin On His Mother’s Toughness & Struggles

Martin’s parents divorced when he was young and afterwards he rarely saw his pops, growing up in Landover, MD. Left on her own to raise her and her ex-husband’s six kids, Martin revealed that his mother, Chlora Lawrence, worked two jobs, as a cashier, to put food on the table:

“If we didn’t have a sandwich, we had love,” [Martin] said. “She dealt with everything she had to deal with.”

Martin also revealed that the mother he played on the “Martin” sitcom, was actually a portrayal of his own mother, except there was one major difference:

“Who can play my mother better than I can?” [Martin] said. “I grew up with her.” There is, of course, one glaring flaw in his portrayal: “She doesn’t have a mustache,” he said, “but in the show, she will.” -via The Washington Post

Pretty sure his Moms is beyond proud of Martin and all of her babies these days.