Mary J Gives Info On Who Kendu’s Alleged Mistress Is In A Convo’ With Ne-yo

Posted On : May 4, 2017

Mary J. Blige has been on a cleansing her soul type of vibe as of late. It’s all because of the stressful as hell (and expensive) drama she’s currently going through with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kendu Isaacs.
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As most of us already know, the you-know-what hit the fan between Mary and Kendu, after Mary says she got fed up with his constant lying and his alleged affair, that cost Mary reportedly $400,000 which Kendu allegedly spent on his side-piece. To put the icing on the cake, Kendu infamously demanded about $100 G’s a month in spousal support during their divorce proceeding, which is still pending.

Fast forward to today, and Mary has still been on her grind, promoting her new album, Strength of a Woman, which is a banger and actually sounds more like a musical version of a tell-all book about she and Kendu’s tumultuous relationship. Mary actually confirmed, in a prior interview with her Power 105 radio host, Angie Martinez, that every last lyric on this album is in fact about she and Kendu.

Who Is The Mistress Mary’s Referring To?

Anyways, back to that ‘mistress’…video has just surfaced from Mary J.’s new documentary, which accompanies her Strength of a Woman album, and she put her former artist a.k.a. Kendu’s alleged mistress on full blast.

Mary J. and Kendu with Mary's then artist, Starshell, the woman long rumored to be Kendu's alleged mistress
Mary J. and Kendu with Mary’s then artist, Starshell, the woman long rumored to be Kendu’s alleged mistress

Although Mary bleeped out the mistress’ name in the documentary, everybody and their Mommas already know the rumors she and many of those close to the situation have already alluded to- that Kendu’s alleged mistress is Mary’s former R&B artist, Starshell. However, for politically correct purposes, we’ll continue referring to her as the ‘alleged mistress,’ because at this point, nothing has been 100% confirmed.

Watch Mary Admit “She’s My ‘Becky With The Good Hair'”

Back to Mary’s documentary blast session though. While working in the studio with singer, Ne-yo, and others, Mary disclosed to them exactly which mistress she was talking about and why she was leery of her. She even used Beyonce’s “Lemonade” lyrics to describe to woman, referring to her as her “Becky with the good hair.” Check out what else Mary said in the video clip below [via YBF]:

Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige
Ne-Yo and Mary J. Blige

Mary speaking to Ne-yo and others in the studio: “All these years have come to this, like you didn’t even pick me. You picked somebody else. That sh^t is humiliating. It hurt real bad. … Do you know (name bleeped out of mistress Mary named)?” [Ne-yo nodded ‘yes] “Just so we’re clear, do not let her anywhere near what you’re doing for me, because she’s the reason for all of this sh^t. That’s my ‘Becky with the good hair.’ ”

Mary also admitted that she is “humiliated” that Kendu allegedly chose to ride with his side-chick over her.

This is a mess with a capital “M” and the more info Mary divulges publicly, the worst it’s looking for Kendu and whoever his alleged mistress is. He’s been on mute ever since Mary started letting all of these cats outta her bag lately.. Not sure why, but if Kendu’s innocent, he may wanna step up and clear his name. But if he’s not, he’s probably doing what’s best, keeping his mute button pressed.

Mary J. Blige’s Tell-All Lyrics About Kendu On Strength of a Woman Album

Just so we know it’s real, Mary J. laid it out for us in her lyrics [via NY Post]:

  • “Tell me how you figure that you made me/And you gave me what I had before I meet you/Ain’t gon’ have it when you’re gone.” (“Set Me Free”)
  • “Who’s gonna love you like I do?/Who will you trust?/I gave you too much/Enough is enough.” (“Thick of It”)
  • “And how you fix your mouth to say I owe you/When you had another bitch and taking trips and s - - t/With my money for so long.” (“Set Me Free”)
  • “Gave my heart to you/Went to war for you/I got scars for you/Would have did time behind bars for you.” (“Thank You”)
  • “There’s a special place in hell for you/You gon’ pay for what you did to me.” (“Set Me Free”)

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