Mary J. Offers Estranged Husband Money Deal That’ll Squash Their Beef & Call It Even

Posted On : October 28, 2017

Mary J. Blige is not done with her estranged husband, Kendu Isaacs. He may have thought he was gonna take his $30,000 a month and walk away scot-free, but Mary isn’t letting him off the hook that easy. According to TMZ, homegirl has clapped back yet again with an interesting legal demand. Since Kendu claims he’s entitled to Mary’s money, she feels he should also have to bear the burden of all that is associated with the money, including their tax woes. It’s just been reported that the estranged pair’s community is actually worth negative $11,622,614.00, most of which would go to the IRS for back taxes. Since Kendu wants Mary’s money, he should also have to deal with the downside to it…so says Mary…

Pay Up Or Shut Up:

It has been reported that Mary is demanding Kendu pay roughly $6 million to squash their beef – $5,990,357 to be exact. In a nutshell, she wants the tax debt split down the middle since he believes things should be “split.” Seems fair, right? Of course, we all know Kendu probably can’t pay that since he made it clear he’s having such a hard time finding employment because of Mary’s songs defaming his character – allegedly. But regardless of how he sees it, Mary does have a point.

2015: Singer Mary J. Blige (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Casa Reale)

Give And Take:

According to the court documents, Mary is also still fighting to have those hefty spousal support payments cut. Right now, she’s bearing the burden of their massive tax debt; apparently, something that was accumulated during the marriage. So, she feels she should only have to deal with one or the other; not both. In other words, Mary paying the IRS and Kendu seems to be a bit much since they are, technically, both responsible for the tax debt.

Mary J. and soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kendu Isaacs

It’ll be quite interesting to see how Kendu responds to Mary’s latest demands. It’s probably safe to say he’ll counter with yet another excuse to support his claims of struggling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these two will be coming to an agreement anytime soon. Kendu most likely doesn’t have $6 million and since he actually wanted $125,000 a month, which was denied, and recently petitioned to have his temporary spousal support payments increased from $30,000 a month to $65,000, he’s definitely not going to want to lose those checks anytime soon neither. So, it looks like Mary and Kendu will be going back and forth for quite a while and we, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, will probably be reporting more of their unfortunate divorce drama real soon.