What? Beyonce’s Dad Totally Confuses Fans, With Message About The Twins

Posted On : June 18, 2017

Before now, there were just reports from highly placed unnamed hospital sources close to the situation, that Beyonce’ and Jay-Z had their twin babies (a boy and girl) some days ago. Well now it’s official because Bey’s daddy, Matthew Knowles, has just posted a message about it on social media. There is just one conflict in the reports though. Check it out below…

Were They Born A Week Ago Or Today?

Earlier today, it was widely reported that Beyonce’ had her twins about a week ago, but that she and the babies had a “minor issue” and were still in a Los Angeles hospital for health safety reasons. Up until today (June 18, 2017) no one from Beyonce’s camp had spoken a word about it.

Well, now it seems that either Matthew Knowles is trying to do some damage control, or the prior reports were not completely accurate. Why? It’s because as soon as the news about the twin babies leaked, Matthew gave a conflicting message about their actual birthdate. He took to Facebook a few hours ago to wish them a happy born day TODAY (6-18-17) and not a ‘belated’ happy b-day (as in they’ve been here for a week):

“They’re here! Happy birthday to the twins! Love Grandad”

Quite frankly, I don’t really care about whether or not Bey’s babies were born yesterday, Thursday, or last Sunday. The only thing I care about is that she and Jay-Z’s precious bundles of joy are healthy and safe. So if it is true that they are still having that “minor issue” a hospital source stated, then our prayers for a speedy healing are with them…

Can’t Be That Serious…look At Momma Tina…

The bright side is that the “issue” could very well be super minor, because yesterday (6-17-17) Bey’s momma, Tina Lawson and her hubby/actor Richard Lawson were in New York getting their two step on to the Isley Brothers. So Bey’s and her babies’ condition can’t be that serious. With that said, congratulations to Beyonce and Jay Z.