Meet The Other Celebrity Brother Many Never Knew Eddie & Charlie Murphy Had

Posted On : April 12, 2017

The world knows all about the iconic Eddie Murphy and his accomplishments- from Saturday Night Live, to Trading Places, to Raw, Delirious, Coming To America, and, The Nutty Professor, beyond. We also know all about his brother, the late Charlie Murphy, ever since he made his presence known on The Chappelle Show,  The Boondocks, Black Jesus, and more. BUT little did many of Eddie’s and Charlie’s fans know, their other brother has made a name for himself in the entertainment world. His career started in 1988 and he’s still doing his thing in 2018. By the way, if it were not for the help and encouragement of Charlie Murphy, their brother wouldn’t have even started his career in entertainment at all. Scroll down to peep who he is…

THAT’S Their Brother?!!

K-9 Posse rap group: Eddie and Charlie Murphy's BROTHER, Vernon Lynch Jr. pictured on RIGHT
K-9 Posse rap group: Eddie and Charlie Murphy’s BROTHER, Vernon Lynch Jr. pictured on RIGHT

ILOSM fam’ make some noise if you remember the rap group, K-9 Posse! If not, let us refresh your memory with these lyrics: “Ain’t nuthin’ to it, but to do it [for those that can dance then clap your hands to it].” Better yet, check out their video for a memory refresher/flashback to the 80s below…

Charlie’s and Eddie’s brother is Vernon Lynch, one half of K-9 Posse!

Vernon is now a TV producer who has a very successful production company along with his business partner, Jeff Dyson (the former long time bodyguard of New Edition, who was portrayed in The New Edition Story), called Dyson-Lynch Entertainment. Their company is responsible for several reality shows, including OWN Network’s Shanice & Flex reality show, as well as VH-1’s Hollywood Exes, which starred Eddie’s ex, Nicole Brown Murphy, R. Kelly’s ex, Martin Lawrence’s ex, Jose Conseco’s ex, and Will Smith’s ex.

In terms of his rap career, it was revealed that it was his brother Charlie who finally convinced him to form the group, K-9 Posse, along with his friend Wardell. Charlie also is listed as executive producer on their album.

Throwback photo of Murphy family at Eddie Murphy’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony; Vernon Lynch Jr . pictured bottom row, 2nd from left; their parents, Vernon Sr. and Lillian are on bottom row in striped blue/white shirt and cream dress and(via Getty Images)

It was Charlie’s influence that led to Vernon’s interests in entertainment and ultimately led to his continued contributions to it behind the scenes.

In case you’re wondering why Vernon’s last name is ‘Lynch’ and not ‘Murphy,’ it’s because he actually has a different father from Charlie and Eddie, but they all have the same mother, Lillian Lynch. Vernon’s father, Vernon Lynch Sr., is the man whom Eddie once credited for teaching him much of everything he knows and whom he viewed as his second father, although he did know his biological dad as well. Vernon was their mother’s husband, who was oftentimes pictured with Eddie on red carpet events and such.

The Murphy family appears to be a very tight knit family who puts family first, so we can only imagine the heartache they’ve endured after losing Charlie. He definitely added light to the world through his comedy and magnetic personality. C. Murphy will continue to be sorely missed by us all.