Meet The Real Singers Who Secretly Sang For Milli Vanilli In The ’80s…Many Didn’t Expect This

Posted On : January 8, 2021
Milli Vanilli

The Scandal That Rocked The Music Industry

The Milli Vanilli scandal rocked the music industry and gave birth to countless comedy skits in their honor for years to come. For the longest time, we never knew who was really singing the hits – until now. And let’s just say it’s a gumbo mix of people that don’t seem to have anything in common with Milli Vanilli, except the songs they sang incognito for them. Many fans were surprised to see the people with the voices behind those hit records, and the singers came forward in a prior interview on OWN Network’s Where Ae They Now television show.

Meet The ‘Real’ Milli Vanilli

Shortly after the scandal was made public, it was revealed that the real Milli Vanilli actually consisted of two male vocalists – first up was Charles Shaw! Charles Shaw, the lead singer, admitted that he initially wanted to sing but had no desire for the fame.

Charles Shaw, former secret Milli Vanilli singer

The 2nd male vocalist, Brad Howell, on the other hand, felt he’d surpassed the marketable age range for up and coming singers, but also wanted to make great music. So, they had no problem working behind the scenes.

Brad Howell, former secret Milli Vanilli singer

Problems Later Developed For The Secret Milli Vanilli Singers

Unfortunately, as the songs continued to climb the charts…that’s where the problems developed with Jodie and Linda Rocco, the backup singers.

Jodie and Linda Rocco

They Were Paid To Remain Silent

It has also been revealed that Charles Shaw and the other vocalists were paid a substantial amount of money to remain silent. But, their payouts were nowhere near the value of the music they’d created.Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened once the truth about Milli Vanilli was revealed. The real singers and musicians never got the recognition they deserved for creating timeless music that still holds record-breaking numbers today.

The Secret Was Too Much To Bare For Milli Vanilli

Unfortunately, as the songs continued to climb the charts, the actual Milli Vanilli front runners, Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan, were finding it much more difficult to harbor the daunting secret that would ultimately kill their careers. The two skyrocketed to stardom and Linda Rocco revealed how difficult it was for Rob to deal with the growing pressures of harboring such a massive secret. He turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with his problems and after years of battling substance abuse, he succumbed to his addiction.