Mel B. Reveals How Ex-Husband Tried To Ruin Eddie Murphy’s Relationship With Their Daughter

Posted On : March 6, 2018

By now, everyone knows Mel B’s divorce battle with Stephen Belafonte hasn’t been an easy one. In fact, the two have been battling for more than a year and it doesn’t look like he’s going down without a fight. Now, according to The Blast, Mel B is fighting back and now she’s revealed details about her estranged husband’s attempts to ruin Eddie Murphy’s relationship with his daughter Angel. For those who don’t know, Mel. B dated the famed comedian/actor back in 2006. She gave birth to their daughter in 2007, but at the time, the Coming To America star denied being the child’s father. Since Stephen had reportedly been there for the majority of the child’s life, apparently, he felt some kind of way about Eddie being in the picture.

Inset photo: Eddie Murphy and Melanie Brown’s (Spice B) daughter, Angel Iris Murphy;

Reconciliation After Chaos:

In the latest legal documents, Mel B has revealed Eddie and their daughter have a “flourishing relationship” now that Stephen is out of the picture. The former Spice Girls singer claims her ex-husband would make attempts to sabotage Eddie’s relationship with his daughter. After years of estrangement, Mel B reached out to Eddie so they could meet and try to resolve their issues for their daughter’s sake. He reportedly agreed but the situation went awry when Stephen got involved. According to the documents, Mel B recalled the time when Stephen had allegedly taken her phone while she was sleeping and called off the meeting with Eddie. As a result Stephen’s actions, which she described as “childish,” Eddie Murphy still wants nothing to do with him.

She says prior to filing for divorce from Belafonte last year, she contacted Murphy to set up a meeting between him and Angel, but while she was sleeping, Belafonte took her phone and began sending messages to Murphy’s assistant.  She claims to not know what the messages said, but “As a result of Stephen’s actions, Angel’s father canceled the visitation and did not want to have any interactions with Stephen.” Mel says “to this day,” Murphy wants nothing to do with him. She says the “childish action only sought to delay Angel’s unification with her biological father.” – The Blast

Now that her daughter’s relationship is progressing with Eddie Murphy, who is her biological father, she’s hoping to restrict Stephen from having any visitation rights with her.

More Disturbing Claims:

In addition to the claims about Stephen Belafonte attempting to ruin Eddie Murphy’s relationship with his daughter, Mel B also claims he exposed her children to other disturbing things. According to People magazine, Mel B is also accusing Stephen of showing their children footage of ISIS beheadings. While there are usually a lot of claims that are revealed during nasty divorce proceedings, Mel B’s oldest daughter actually confirmed her mother’s claims about the ISIS videos. She also revealed how he treated her and her siblings. “He got us all to watch men being beheaded with chainsaws by ISIS, as we were in the kitchen and he was cooking,” Phoenix said of the incident which occurred during her 16th birthday trip with friends.

“I never bonded with Stephen because he would call me names such as: ‘retarded’ and ‘stupid.’ He would do things which upset me,” she continued, listing instances such as eating the packed lunch made by her mother as well as the “cruel” behaviors towards her late English Labrador dog Lord. Later in her statements, Phoenix shared: “He would be very aggressive with Angel and Maddie if they broke the ‘rules,’ like talking when he was on the phone. He would just yell really up close to them.” – People

The Divorce Settlement:

The latest news follows reports about Mel B. Stephen’s divorce settlement. Initially, it was rumored that she’d be forced to cough up more than $5 million but the bottom line turned out to be far less than reports suggested. At the time, Stephen reportedly planned to use incriminating footage against his soon-t0-be ex-wife in order to get what he wanted out of the divorce. According to The Sun, Stephen had footage of Mel B’s alleged sexual acts. Then to make matter worse, the footage reportedly captured her abusing drugs and alcohol. However, her legal team managed to get a handle on the situation before he did any damage.

“Mel is giving him a lot less than people think,” an insider said. “Her lawyers got him locked down to destroy the explicit videos, which he claimed showed her engage in sexual acts under the influence allegedly of drugs and alcohol. Should he ever break that deal, he would be on the line for millions.”

Back in December, it was confirmed that Mel B and Stephen had reached a divorce settlement. According to TMZ, Mel B was ordered to pay Stephen $15,000 a month for the next three years and an additional $200,000 for his attorneys’ fees. The two also agreed to share custody of their daughter, Madison. Best of luck to Mel B.