Mel B’s Ex Blasts Her For Putting Their Child In Danger, Called Eddie For Help

Posted On : April 22, 2017
Mel B. with then husband, Jimmy Gulzar
Mel B. with then husband, Jimmy Gulzar

The mother of Eddie Murphy’s daughter/Spice Girl singer, Mel B. has been having a really rough time with her exes. She’s currently in a bitter divorce battle with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, whom she recently revealed has been allegedly brutally beating her for the duration of their years-long relationship.

She also claimed that she fears for her life and the life of her three children because of Stephen’s reportedly abusive, gun wielding ways.

Well now her ex-husband, Jimmy Gulzar, is speaking out regarding what he says he’s been trying to do for years now- get his now 18 year old daughter, Phoenix, to safety and away from Mel B.s and Stephen Belafonte’s toxic environment.

Jimmy revealed to TMZ that Mel B. is trying to use their daughter as a pawn to disrupt his efforts to get her to safety. He also revealed what happened when he called Eddie Murphy for help with the situation.

Claims Mel B. Threatened Their Daughter Over Him

Mel B. with her children: (L-R) Angel Iris, Phoenix, and Madison
Mel B. with her children: (L-R) Angel Iris, Phoenix, and Madison

“A few weeks ago Mel was out of the country and my child didn’t know where to sleep, so I told her to come and stay with me. She was then threatened by her mother who tells her that ‘If you go to your dad I’ll call the police and file you as a missing person,’ so of course as a child what do you do?” He was ten asked if he was asked to testify in Mel’s and Stephen’s divorce case, who would he testify for: “Easy, I would testify for my daughter only and that’s it,” confessed Jimmy Gulzar.