“Miami Vice” Star Is Making 71 Look Like The New 41, His Grown Kids Are Turning Heads Too

Posted On : November 20, 2020
(L) Philip Michael Thomas; (R) Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas

ILOSM fam,’ every now and then, we come across a few Old School celebs who make us do a double take when we see them now. That would be the case for acting legend, Philip Michael Thomas- the 80s pretty boy who was rockin’ the fly suits as “Detective Ricardo Tubbs” on the hit series, Miami Vice. We did a lil’ diggin’ into what this brotha has been up to since we last saw him hosting The Psychic Network infomercials and lo and behold, he’s been up to a LOT! But not only that, dude is puttin’ some of these young cats out here to shame. Thats right, he’s STILL sex symbol status at age 71. In addition to that, PMT has many grown kids and totally different careers these days.

Get The Scoop On What Philip Michael Thomas Looks Now & His Kids…

First Up, A Surprising Unknown Facts About Philip Michael Thomas

Throwback photo of Philip Michael Thomas

Phillip Michael Thomas, became an ordained preacher at the age of approximately 16. There are conflicting reports of his religious affiliation- some reports say he’s a pentecostal preacher and others say he’s a seventh day adventist preacher.

His Preacher Title Didn’t Stop Him From Making Many Babies Though

He Has HOW MANY Kids?!! Phillip has ELEVEN KIDS, by five women! They also have interesting names: Kharisma, Sovereign, Noble, Sacred, India, Imaj, Sacha, Khrishna, Gabriel, Chayenne, and Melody (We’ll get to photos of them in a minute)…

How Many DIFFERENT Jobs He Has Now

PMT’s Job #1: According to Philip’s website, the brotha’s a jack of all trades…skills he probably had no choice but to learn in order to support 11 kids. Job #1: He’s a singer, who’s CD is currently available when you purchase the Vegan Recipe for Life cook book and it features ‘sensual reggae, salsa, R&B, and country rock.’

PMTs Jobs 2, 3 & 4: PMT is a photographer, music producer, “co-writer” (as stated on his website), and Broadway composer. Not sure if he’s currently doing anything else that brings in a consistent check, but when you see how he looks now, it’s apparent he’s living a stress-free life no doubt.

Photos Of What Philip Michael Thomas Looks Like TODAY!

Philip Michael Thomas then (L) and now (R)

These days the younger women call him “Zaddy” and the maturer ones tell him “Heeeey baby!” But no matter what age group, Philip still has the swag and looks to catch the attention of many. He’s been into healthy living for decades and is also a vegan.

Philip Michael Thomas with a fan

Check Out His Children Here…

Daughter, Imaj Thomas: We’ve found some of PMT’s ELEVEN kids. This is PMT with his daughter, Imaj Thomas. Interestingly she’s a professional country singer. She’s managed my her Mother, who is also Philip’s ex-wife.

Philip Michael Thomas with daughter, Imaj Thomas

Son, Philip Michael Thomas Jr: Philip Jr. is a professional R&B singer and musician. He performs on the regular. Although his Pops is vegan, he attempted to go vegan recently and quit.

Phillip Michael Thomas Jr.

Son, Sacred Light Amadeus Thomas: Meet Sacred. Yes, that’s his real name…Philip got really creative with that one, didn’t he? Sacred is a professional photographer.

Phillip Michael Thomas Jr. (L) with his brother, Sacred Thomas (R)

Daughter, India Thomas: India is a film and theatrical actress, whose been featured in commercials for Burger King Home Depot and more.

India Thomas

Daughter, Melody Thomas: It’s unknown what exactly Melody (pictured below, right) does for a living, but one thing is certain, she’s all about her family and very close to her siblings.

India Thomas (L) with sister, Melody Thomas (R)

Meet The Mother Of 5 Of Philip’s Kids…

Philip Michael Thomas and his ex-wife, Kassandra Thomas, apparently have been together for years. She is the mother of the 5 aforementioned kids. Below is a throwback pic of the two former lovebirds…

Philip Michael Thomas with then wife, Kassandra Thomas

The beautiful thing is that even though they’re no longer married, Philip and Kassandra still have a great friendship. Check out the video their son, Sacred shared. It’s clear to see which of the two REALLY loves the camera (hint, hint: Philip Michael Thomas)…


And their ya’ have it ILOSM fam!’ It’s always cool to see one of our favorite Old School celebs from back in the day still thriving today.