Michael Ealy Recalls Time He ‘Wanted To Poison’ Tyson Beckford [Video]

Posted On : May 24, 2019

Michael Ealy Recalls Time He Wanted To 'Poison' Tyson Beckford [Video]
Photo via Instagram.
Michael Ealy is one of the most desired Black men in entertainment. However, there was a time he wasn’t exactly feeling Tyson Beckford.

In an interview with Sway Calloway, Michael Ealy discusses various memories from his pre-acting job as a waiter. Via a previous ILOSM report, Ealy mentioned his not-so-good experience with Chris Rock, early on.

Michael Ealy’s completely honest about his humble beginnings and says he often served celebrities who came through the restaurant. One of them was Tyson Beckford, famous Ralph Lauren model.

I remember, the first time I waited on Tyson Beckford,” Michael Ealy recalls. “I, like, wanted to poison him.

“Because — and this is really personal — at that time…I was considered ‘out of style’ because of Tyson, Wesley (Snipes), Michael Jordan…was killing. And they just kinda ruined my life.”

According to Ealy, Beckford was actually really nice — so nice, in fact, Michael had to set his feelings aside.

The actor says he doesn’t believe in whole light-skin versus dark-skin battle or concept, “because I think it’s divisive,” Ealy mentions. Yet, at that time, Beckford was unknowingly making life harder for the actor, Michael playfully suggests.

He starts talking on that issue around minute-marker 00:06:50 via the video on the next page.

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