Michael Jackson Home Sold To Actress Nicole Kidman & Hubby For Ridiculous Amount Of $$$

Posted On : November 28, 2017

Throughout his career, Michael Jackson amassed vast amounts of wealth most fans could only dream of. When it comes to the legendary performer’s homes, fans usually think of his Neverland Ranch in California but many don’t know he had numerous properties. In fact, the Off the Wall singer is making headlines due to the sale of his former mansion in New York. According to Architectural Design, the lavish home is being purchased by Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

A $39 Million Purchase:

It has been reported that Keith Urban is looking to buy Michael Jackson’s former mansion on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. The $39 million Manhattan townhouse is definitely a jaw-dropping property in a league of its own. At 25-feet wide, the six-story limestone and red brick structure has 12,745 square feet of living space that comes with 16 rooms, including with seven bedrooms, a large kitchen, 10 woodburning fireplaces,  a grand oak staircase, and a private outdoor area. It’s quite obvious this house isn’t average which explains the massive price tag.

A Fresh Start:

According to the New York Post, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are looking to relocate from Nashville to New York for work purposes. “Nicole is keen to do Broadway shows and get into making TV programs and New York is a much better place for them to be than Nashville,” a source told the magazine.


In addition to career opportunities, the couple is also looking into better academic opportunities for their children. A close friend of the couple also shared their take on the prominent schools in New York. “It has some of the top schools in the country and they think 
their girls would really benefit from moving to the Big Apple now they’re getting a bit older,” the friend quipped.