Michael Jackson’s Friend Aaron Carter Accuses Wade Robson And James Safechuck Of Lying Over Molestation Claims

Posted On : March 12, 2019

90’s teen idol Aaron Carter is fiercely defending entertainer Michael Jackson amid controversy around the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. The film presents the accounts of two men who say the late singer sexually molested them when they were children. But Carter tells a different story of his “loving friendship” with the King of Pop when he was a young teen. Carter told TMZ on Monday that he believed the accusers, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, were lying.

“You’re Stomping On His Grave”


It’s been almost 10 years since Michael Jackson died from an overdose of the anesthetic drug propofol. Carter claims Robson and Safechuck are only speaking out against the “Man In The Mirror” singer for money.

Carter told TMZ he told the producers of Leaving Neverland to “go f**k themselves” when they approached him for an interview. Despite director Dan Reed insisting Safechuck and Robson did not get a penny to appear in the documentary – Carter claims he was offered a six-figure sum. He also made the valid point that both men previously testified on Jackson’s behalf in legal proceedings.

“You’re a grown man, and when Michael Jackson was alive, you are backing him, you are up his a**, you are kissing his a**, you are there to testify for him under oath, and then when he dies, you decide that’s a good time to come out? No, what you’re doing is, you’re actually stomping on an icon and a legend’s grave – you’re stomping his grave.”

He Claims He Slept In Michael’s Room

'Leaving Neverland' — New Michael Jackson Documentary Seeks To 'Expose' Sexual Abuse

Carter blasted Robson and Safechuck for not speaking out against Jackson at his 2005 trial on molestation allegations.“Why not do it when he was alive?” he said. “Why not do it when he was being accused of all of these molestation charges. Why not do it then and actually indict a perpetrator?”

The now 31-year-old says he was 15 when he slept in MJ’s bed. He insists that nothing happened.

“I remember having the time of my life with Michael, I was about 15 years old,” he said. “I hung out with Michael Jackson, I stayed at his house, I stayed in his bedroom … it’s hard for me to understand that – how am I supposed to understand that when my own personal experience with him was gentle and beautiful and loving and embracing.”

He Wants To “Punch” Robson


On Monday, a Twitter account posing as “Wade Robson Creations” responded to claims that Robson is lying about being molested by Jackson. The account tweeted back: “I’m not alone, you ask @aaroncarter.”

Wade’s lawyer has now claimed the account posing as the choreographer is fake. But before it was confirmed the account was bogus, Carter was furious that his name was dragged into the media storm.

“He’s trying to tie my name into this s***? I’m not that guy. I’m not the one. You lucky I got something to lose now, because I would punch you in your face – I would,’ he said. ‘And then maybe I’d ask you, “Are you telling the truth?’ but I’d punch you in your face first.”

“There’s Nothing Sexual To It”

In 2004, Carter told People that he and Jackson had been friends since 2001. He was adamant that Jackson never behaved inappropriately with him.

“Nothing happened between me and Michael. We didn’t sleep in the same room, we didn’t share a bed. We have a normal friendship. There’s nothing sexual to it.”