Michael Jackson’s Kids Are Seriously Going After Their Father’s Accusers

Posted On : April 18, 2019

Even in death child sexual misconduct allegations continue to loom over Michael Jackson’s legacy. With the premiere of the recent two-part documentary Finding Neverland all of Michael’s previous legal troubles have been dug up and put on display for a new audience, with those closest to him feeling the burn since he’s no longer here to speak for himself. His three children are fed up with the accusations and have decided to launch their own investigation because they’re tired of their father’s name being dragged through the mud.

Ready For A Fight

Though many were aware of the allegations against Jackson, which stems as far back as 1993, the new documentary focused on two of his accusers specifically; Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Jackson’s children, Prince, Paris and Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) are already currently seeking legal options against Robson and Safechuck, however according to Page Six they’re now doing their own investigation of Robson and Safechuck to see if they made any monetary gains off of their participation in the documentary. In addition to their investigation the Jackson children are also preparing a lawsuit for fraud, emotional distress, slander and misrepresentation.

A Questionable Charity

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Another part of the Jackson children’s investigation revolves around exactly where Wade Robson and his wife Amanda secured funds for their Hawaii based charity initially called the Robson Family Fund, which was subsequently renamed Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund. The charity has come under fire since it was created around the time of the documentary’s release and though sources close to the family claim an investigation is underway the Hawaii Community Foundation, which the Robson’s charity was set up through, comments that they are unaware of any such investigation.

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