Michael Jai White Threw Shade At Angela Bassett, Lou Gossett Jr., Terrence Howard And More

Posted On : June 18, 2021
Michael Jai White

When actor, Michael Jai White, did a prior interview the Oscars and other actors, some fans were so busy talking about how he practically begged the Oscar voters to NEVER nominate him, that they completely how White sort of dragged the careers of Angela Bassett, Terrence Howard, Louis Gossett Jr., Cuba Gooding Jr. and Jennifer Hudson through the mud.

To White’s credit, it doesn’t sound like he was actually trying to diss the other actors, but in the process of speaking on the topic of the Oscars, he just kind of did.

See what White said when Bossip asked him to discuss how he thinks an Oscar nomination and/or win can affect an African American actor’s career:

“Is there an Oscar nominee or Oscar winner who’s black whose career has ever been enhanced by the win of a nomination?” asked White.

“Whose career has been enhanced after they’ve gotten an Oscar or a nomination, somebody please tell me because I can’t think of one person. […]

Lou Gossett, Jr.

White continued:

“I’ll tell you what, the majority whose gotten an Oscar it’s signified the end of their career. Angela Bassett got nominated for “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, what has she done bigger than that since then? Cuba Gooding Jr. Oscar winner, what has he done since then? Lou Gossett Jr., what? Jennifer Hudson, what? […] Terrence Howard, what was the next movie that it launched him in to? For the love of God please do not nominate me for an Oscar!”

Angela Bassett

Although I get where White was coming from- as far as how Black actors win or are nominated for an Oscar, but don’t get those big movie opportunities afterwards- I wouldn’t necessarily say that the actors he mentioned have ‘dead careers.’

Although we haven’t seen Terrence Howard appear in a leading role on the big screen since “Hustle and Flow,” up until recently he was KILLIN’ it on the now-defunct “Empire” series. Some may argue that “Empire” might’ve actually have been better than landing that big movie role, because Terrence got to display his acting chops in front of an audience of millions every week instead [until Jussie Smollet’s alleged scheme disrupted it all].

Terrence Howard

Angela Bassett hasn’t really made noise on the big screen in a ‘lead’ role in years, but she sure has been doing her thing on TV every week and gaining a broader fan base on the popular Fox series -which she co-executive produces – “9-1-1.” Prior to 9-1-1′ Bassett had a recurring role on the hit series, “American Horror Story.” And Angela’s husband, Courtney B. Vance, nailed it as Johnnie Cochran right along side the other actor Michael Jai White mentioned, Cuba Gooding Jr., in “The People vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.”

So again, while I do understand Michael Jai White’s point about the lack of respect some of the Oscar nominated/winning actors may get in Hollywood after their Oscar win or nom,’ that doesn’t always mean the “end of their career.” But I always respect and appreciate an entertainer, such as White who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.