Michelle Williams Was Slammed 4 Falling Down On Stage, She Finally Responds

Posted On : February 15, 2016


Wow, it was just over 10 years ago when Michelle Williams hit the floor while performing on BET’s 106 & Park. No, it’s not hitting the floor like you think, we mean she literally hit the floor! While performing “Soldier” with Destiny’s Child she can be seen and heard falling down while Kelly and Beyonce didn’t miss a beat, and although that was 10 years ago, Williams is still defending her performance skills. Now just last Sunday, during Superbowl 50, Beyonce took a slight fall, but everyone was like YASSS Bey!

Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God posted a clip of the video from 2004 of Williams falling today on Twitter, saying, “I love @RealMichelleW with all my heart but this is forever funny. You see how Jesus got her right back up tho??” Check out the tweet where Michelle acknowledges her fall and responds back to Charlamagne about it.
“@cthagod No one ever gives me credit for getting back up either. I didn’t miss nan choreography! Y’all are jerks!”


Lol, she’s always had a positive outlook on things. If you don’t remember the epic fall, check out Michelle Williams falling in the middle of a performance on 106 & Park years ago.