Michel’le & Suge Knight’s Rarely Seen Daughter Is So Adorable

Posted On : August 22, 2018

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In Michel’e’s  biopic , “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Me,” she revealed some very dark, crazy times in her career and with her two exes, Dr. Dre and Suge Knight. As her ex-husband, Suge, sits in jail anxiously awaiting his trial date for a fatal hit and run incident in 2015, there is a very beautiful creation in the midst of their not-so-beautiful controversies- their adorable 15 year old daughter…


michelle daughter and suge
Suge and Michel’le’s daughter, Balei, looks nothing like her baby photo above anymore, she’s 15 years old now and she’s still just as cute as she wanna be! Typically, Balei has been shielded from the media by her parents, but now she is being allowed to somewhat come from out of the shadows and into the public’s eye. Balei is a perfect blend of both of parents. Check out their mini-me now…


Michele’ with her and and Suge Knight’s daughter, Bilae (via @michellemuzic Instagram)

This is Suge’s and Michel’le’s lil’ 15-year-old beauty now and to say she has the blood of a highly impactful legacy pumping through her veins, is an understatement. When your pops is Suge Knight and your mom is Michel’le, you’re automatically a princess of hip hop royalty.

Michel’le has a great relationship with her daughter, although her relationship with Suge went sour when they were “fake married,” as Michel’le refers to it (because she married him when he was in jail and later found out the marriage certificate wasn’t worth the paper it was written on). Michel’le also admitted, in a 2015 interview, that although Suge was a horrible husband, he is a great father to all of his children.

Michel’le also told DailyMail that although she doesn’t have a great relationship with Suge, she will make sure her daughter maintains her relationship with her dad and even makes plans for her to visit him in jail.

Hopefully the circumstances surrounding her parents’ past relationship and her father’s current imprisonment doesn’t have too much of a negative affect on Balei.